Repair Outlook freezing, hanging or stuck at processing issues

Updated on August 21, 2020

If you're having trouble with Outlook freezing or stuck at processing issues, it is usually a result of a corrupt PST file. Use Remo Repair PST to repair PST corruption issues and have your Outlook repaired. Works for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier versions.

Having to deal with a slow Outlook itself can be annoying, but what is worse is an Outlook that hangs or freezes. This issue may show up in different forms such as Outlook freezing, crashing or with messages like 'Outlook stuck at processing' or when a compacting process of PST file gone wrong. This is one of the hardest problems to deal with, especially when it occurs repeatedly. But with the help of some simple solutions covered here, you can easily solve this problem.

In order to resolve error encountered on your Outlook application, the first thing will need to understand are the reasons that cause the error. Well, it could be certain Outlook add-ins, corruption in Outlook data files, oversized Outlook data files, certain antivirus software conflicts or issues in Microsoft Office application itself.

Solutions to resolve Outlook freezing: Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010

1. Try to fix issue by going to task Manager and end all Outlook related processes. To do so, just click Ctrl + Alt + Del and go to Processes Tab. Then select all programs related to Outlook and click End processes. This will help you resolve the freezing/not responding issue.

2. The next thing we are going to try is run Outlook in Safe Mode because Safe Mode starts without any add-ins and extra functionalities, so problems due to add-ins can be avoided.

To start Outlook in Safe Mode, click Windows + R and type 'Outlook.exe /safe'. If Outlook works in Safe Mode, we know add-ins are the issue. In that case, disable the add-ins to resolve Outlook freezing issue.

In order to disable add-ins, go to the File tab > Options > Add-ins > Go. Then disable all the add-ins and enable them one by one to identify the particular add-in causing trouble.

3. As a next troubleshooting step, disable the antivirus program, restart your computer and check if Outlook works without issues. If it does, then the freezing problem is being caused by your anti-virus software, which can be resolved by uninstalling their latest updates or by getting a new anti-virus.

4. You can try repairing your Office programs as a next solution. To repair the Outlook application, go to Control Panel and select Programs & Features, then right click Microsoft Office > Change > Repair. This will repair any inherent issues with Office and hence resolve issues with Outlook as well.

By using the above methods, if your Outlook started working properly, there is no need to worry anymore. If it doesn't work, the problem may be a little more serious and may involve corruption in Outlook data files also called PST.

In this case, corruption in PST can be repaired using Remo Remo PST Repair Tool software. It is a specialized tool that can solve corruption issues in PST files in a matter of minutes. Once the PST file is repaired, you will have your Outlook back to working normally.

Also note that corruption of OST file can also be one of the reasons for freezing of Outlook. In most of the cases this is due to synchronization issues in Outlook. Hence it is recomended to Repair OST file in order to solve freezing Outllook issue.

Why choose Remo Repair PST to repair PST files?

  • Safely and securely repairs corrupted or damaged PST files using a read-only mechanism
  • Ability to repair PST files of any size without any restrictions
  • Can be used to repair PST files even when rebuilding the PST file tool doesn't help
  • Repairs password protected and encrypted PST files
  • Supports Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and earlier versions

Guide to repair PST files in order to fix freezing Outlook issues

1. Download and install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software on your system as a first step in the PST repair process.

2. Then launch the software by double clicking the shortcut icon created

3. The main screen displays many options like Open PST File, Find PST File and Select Outlook Profile. If you are aware of PST file location, click on Open PST File

4. In the next screen, browse to select the corrupt PST file and choose Normal Scan to begin scanning of the PST file

5. After the scan completes, the repaired PST file will be stored in the location you specified.

Then set this repaired PST file as the default PST file in your Outlook. Now, your Outlook problems of freezing Outlook not responding errors should be resolved.

In some scenarios Outlook inbox repair tool might stop responding but integrated with advanced repair algorithm Remo Repair always ensures to fix any Outlook related issues.

What to do if Outlook freezes?

  • Certain anti-virus programs tend to restrict applications and are known to cause issues. So, keep a check on them and if you find that they are causing such issues, you can change the settingss or switch to a different anti-virus program.
  • PST files tend to become very large because they are designed to store a copy of every email you receive and every email you send. Hence they tend to get corrupted over time as the size increases. So, try to keep a tab on the size of the PST files by compacting it or by splitting the PST files. This will help prevent corruption issues and protect your Outlook.

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