How to Repair GoPro Video?

Updated on January 31, 2020

Remo MOV Repair Tool will easily and safely fix your corrupt or unplayable GoPro videos in an easy way. Securely fixes corrupt MOV or MP4 videos for GoPro or any other digital cameras on both Windows and Mac computers in a few simple steps. Try NOW...

What if your GoPro Camera Videos get corrupt?

GoPro cameras are widely used for shooting high-definition action videos. These small cameras allow you to capture videos in the environments where regular cameras would fail. GoPro cameras are highly durable and designed with a standard technology to create a video files.

GoPro videos are recorded in the MP4 format, which gets corrupted due to number of reasons. This article is a go-to guide to fix any corrupt GoPro videos. At first, let us have a look on the most common reasons that makes GoPro footage unplayable on a camera

Possible Reasons for GoPro Video Corruption

  • Improper usage of SD cards, where SD cards don’t have enough space or read/write capacity. In such cases the GoPro camera may fail to record the video stream properly. As a result, you won’t be able to play a video due to GoPro SD card error.
  • Sudden or unexpected camera shut down could be another reason for GoPro video corruption. When battery runs low on power, video metadata stored in the temporary memory of a GoPro camera fails to get saved in video files. As a result, video drops the metadata needed to play it in a media player.
  • Accidental deletion of GoPro videos from the camera or quick-formatted your SD card
  • When you encounter SoS errors like “The file is not a movie file” while trying to access your GoPro videos

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there may exist other reasons that would lead to GoPro video corruption. Regardless of the reason, Remo Repair MOV tool can repair MOV videos and MP4 videos from GoPro and various other camera brands. The toTry the free version of the video repair software and get back the playable GoPro videos in just a few clicks.

Remo Repair MOV is an efficient video repair tool that helps in fixing GoPro MP4 or MOV video files. Software is designed with deep scanning mechanisms and no changes are carried on the original GoPro video during the repairing process. Also, the application will easily repair videos created on various models of GoPro cameras like GoPro Hero series, GoPro Omni, GoPro KARMA Drone, GoPro Helmet securely.

Below section explains a step by step process that can help you repair GoPro video files easily.

Steps to repair corrupt GoPro videos:

Download Remo Repair MOV software by clicking on the Download Now button and install it on your system. Launch the application and from the main screen, select Browse option. In the next screen, select your corrupt GoPro video and click on the Repair button. After repair process is completed, Preview the repaired GoPro video and Save it on a location of your choice.

Note: You need to provide a healthy file as a reference to fix your corrupt GoPro video file.

Why Choose GoPro video repair tool by Remo?

  • Supports video like avc1, mp4v, m-jpeg and audio codecs such as sowt, RAW, mp4a
  • Can even repair corrupted MP4 and MOV files that are over-sized
  • The application supports repairing of video files even from other digital camera brands like Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Fujistu and many more.
  • Easily fix GoPro MOV or MP4 audio out of sync issue to render a playable video
  • Compatible with various versions of both Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, etc.) and Mac OS X (macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, etc.)
  • Enables you to preview the repaired file, even before purchasing the tool, i.e. using trial version itself
  • Easily repairs corrupt DJI phantom videos shot with GoPro

Notable Points:

  • Always make sure that your camera battery is full before capturing a video
  • Make sure you don't eject the memory card while the camera is still processing
  • Do not use the memory card in different cameras or devices

Supported Codecs:

  • Video codecs like mp4v, avc1, m-jpeg
  • Audio codecs like RAW, sowt, mp4a
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Safe and Secure
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