How to fix QuickTime MOV error 2048

Updated on October 16, 2020

QuickTime error 2048 occurs when the video you are trying to play is corrupt. Remo Repair MOV is a highly reliable and effective video repair tool that can fix severely corrupt video files using a unique repair methodology. The software separates the audio and video streams of the corrupt file to fix corruptions and give you a flawless playable video.

QuickTime Player is a well known multimedia player owned by Apple Inc. The application is capable of handling multiple types of video files, audio files and images. Although MOV is the native format of QuickTime Player, it also supports various other formats like MP4, WMV, WAV, AIFF, MP3 etc. to varying degrees.

However, there is an error called QuickTime error 2048 which will damage the video watching experience.There are various reasons behind this error and multiple solutions to it. In this article you will know everything about the QuickTime error and how to fix this QuickTime error 2048

What is QuickTime error 2048?

MOV QuickTime error usually occurs when you try to play a corrupt video file, another reason why you might encounter it is while the QuickTime cannot find the movie atom (QuickTime structure). Hence, QuickTime finds only the media data and not the movie atom with which to organize the data. In the section below let us understand the cause for the error 2048.

‘‘Error 2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands’ If you come across the above error it is pretty clear that QuickTime does not understand the file format/codec and hence unable to read it.

Causes for QuickTime MOV error 2048?

Below listed are the common scenarios reported by multiple Mac user on QuickTime MOV error 2048

  • Abrupt interruption while transferring the video files from one device to another
  • Corrupt MOV header
  • Improper codec
  • Improper installation of the QuickTime application
  • Virus intrusion
  • Playing MOV video files on incompatible video players
  • Downloading MOV file from unauthorized websites

The above listed causes can be addressed and fixed effortlessly by following the solutions mentioned in the section below.

How Do I Fix MOV 2048 on QuickTime?

Here, you have the hassle-free methods to resolve the QuickTime MOV error 2048 on your mac, MOV error may occur due to various causes as mentioned in the section above, by following methods mentioned in the below, you will easily fix the QuickTime error 2048.

Solution 1: Downloading the required Codecs

Codec is a software streaming utility which encodes and decodes the audio and video streams of a video. The QuickTime error 2048 usually occurs when the residing codec in the video file is not updated.

By downloading essential codec, you will be able to address the issue with ease. Firstly, you will have to identify the codecs for the video

  • Right-Click on the Video file
  • Go to Properties and click on Summary Tab
  • This will show the Codec used in the video
  • Download the necessary codec from the internet, this might resolve the QuickTime error.

Solution 2: Convert the video to a QuickTime compatible format

If you are unable to play your MOV file, another reliable method to fix the error is to convert your video to another accessible video file format. We recommended you to convert your MOV file into VLC file format, which is a versatile media utility to solve the issue

  1. Click Media in the menu bar and click Convert/Save
  2. Click on the +Add button to add video files you want to convert (Please note you can add as many video files as you wish)
  3. Once you are done adding the video files to convert, click Convert/Save
  4. In the next step, carefully choose the output format (one that is compatible with QuickTime) in the Profile drop down menu and choose a destination to save the output file.
  5. Note: You can also click on the small Settings icon to the right of the drop down menu to manually set the audio codecs, video codecs etc.

  6. Then click Start to begin conversion and your video will be converted in a few minutes.

Now try playing the converted video file using QuickTime Player. Ideally the error should be resolved and you should be able to play your file without any issues. If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickTime Player

Due to improper installation of the QuickTime you might be facing the MOV error 2048. In order to resolve this error, you will have to re-install the QuickTime player by following the methods mentioned below.

  1. Click on the Start menu, search Control Panel and open it
  2. Then select Programs > Uninstall a program
  3. Right click on QuickTime Player and select Uninstall
  4. Then Re-install the QuickTime media player, this will resolve the issue.

If you still encounter the QuickTime error after trying all the above methods, the possible outcome would be because of video corruption. It is high time you get on to repairing corrupt QuickTime files. You need a reliable MOV repair tool to help you with it.

Repair MOV 2048 QuickTime Error using Remo Repair MOV

Remo MOV Repair tool is the feasible application to repair corrupt MOV files and resolve the error. This software is designed to repair all kinds of corruption issues in both MP4 files and MOV files. Hence just one tool to repair MP4 and MOV files.

This Remo Video Repair toolhas the advanced algorithm pattern to repair and produce the same quality of video. Users can also preview the repair video file in order for the user to understand the quality of information repaired and recovered.

Note - The tool can also capable of repairing truncated video file to give you a playable video

Steps to Fix MOV QuickTime Error 2048?

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair MOV, and run the application for the home screen to appear

Step 2: First click ‘Healthy File’ option to select the healthy file to be provided as reference.

Step 3: Next, select ‘Corrupted File’ option to select the file to repair and click the blue Repair button you see at the bottom for the software to begin the repair process

Repair corrupt MOV

Step 4: After the repair process is complete, you will see a Preview button. Click on it to preview the repaired filehe repair process is complete, you will see a Preview button. Click on it to preview the repaired fileFix corrupt MOV file

Step 5: Finally, click Save to save the repaired video file


From the above article one can learn how to fix QuickTime MOV error 2048. By using this Video Repair tool you can also repair damaged M4V videos. Cautiously implement the above methods to avoid encountering QuickTime MOV error 2048 in the future:

  • Avoid downloading QuickTime from unauthorized websites
  • Verify any video editing applications before downloading with anti-virus (Virus applications manipulates the normal functionalities of the QuickTime.

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