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Is there any successful method to fix PPS files?

"I am interested to gain knowledge about the most common disasters that make PPS files damaged / corrupted and what are the respective solutions? Your replies are valuable."

It’s always good to learn new things, no matter how and from where. Let’s come to the point, PPS, a file type that is chiefly associated with “PowerPoint” by Microsoft Corp. It is the file format of MS PowerPoint 97-3003 Slide Show file. Like other files, PPS is also included in the list of the formats, which may come across several given scenarios.

A: Improperly closing PPS file

B: Unexpected turning off the system can damage .pps, if it is in processing

C: If PowerPoint application is itself is infected with virus, it may restrict you to access documents

D: Header corruption (high severity) in the file

E: Sudden pulling out of the USB device on which PPS file is saved

F: Unauthorized third party tool may damage PPS file

After reading above described reasons, I hope you got the basic idea about frequent disasters. Now, we shall move to the respective solution. Whenever users bump into any of the stated circumstances, they should stop accessing file and utilize file repair tool as soon as possible. As per many tech magazines and business experts, Remo Repair PowerPoint is the no. 1 software that can easily repair PPS file within few mouse clicks.

Highly applauded characteristics of Remo Repair PowerPoint

Remo Repair PowerPoint is the award winning and best rated application which has the complete potential to fix all your PPS files with great ease. If PPS file gets corrupted / damaged / broken, go with this tool to mend them instantly. Along with fixing process, it also returns associated text, animations, sound effects, pictures, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks, etc. Software is fully skilled in order to regain PPS files with both actual presentation headers and footers within minutes.

To test the working ability before purchase, users can install demo version of this product on their computer system. Trial version is almost identical to the complete version, only the saving option is disabled. Thus, if you wish to stock the repaired files then buy the utility now. Tool is well matched with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 - bit, 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

To repair PowerPoint file 2007, click here.

Dominant attributes of Remo Repair PowerPoint:

  • Remo Repair PowerPoint never harms the processed file because it uses read only algorithms which keep your original file unbroken during repair activity.
  • Remarkable software gives cost free technical assistance to the users whenever they come across any product related query.
  • Using this tool, files will be secure as it is entirely free from malware / spyware / virus attacks.

Let’s start the PPS repair task using simple user interface:

Are you ready for few mouse clicks to see your fixed .pps files again? If yes then follow given steps:

Get free trial version of Remo Repair PowerPoint and run it on your Windows operating system. To move ahead search, choose affected PPS files using browse function and click "Repair" tab to initiate repair course. In this step, application begins scanning the drive on which PPS files are present. At the end of scanning procedure, you can check-out the preview of all fixed files. And lastly, in order to store mended details, push "Next" key. Once you press the key, a screen comes into view where you can confirm destination location. The path which you choose must be accessible from your host operating system.

Point to be noted: User must log in to his / her Windows PC as Local System Administrator to install the product.

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Safe and Secure
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