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How to Fix PPS Files?

PPS is the helpful format to open your PowerPoint file directly in presentation mode. But, some corrupted PPS slides take away the pleasure of your presentation. Remo Repair PowerPoint tool will fix such corrupt PPS presentation slides and renders a healthy file. The entire process is just 3 step procedure: Select - > Repair - > Save...

Microsoft PowerPoint provided a perfect soluiton for those who often work with presentations with its PowerPoint Show (PPS). It is an apt file format to choose if you wish to open your PowerPoint file straight way in presentation mode and want to sway viewers. If you save your final draft of created PowerPoint file with a .pps extension, then no need to double-click the file, to open it in show mode. The file format automatically launches in the show mode. So, your presentation seems much professional. Thus, PPS format cuts off your extra effort required for an impressive presentation.

However, this file format is not exempted from damage or corruption problems. PowerPoint users often face several issues in their PPS slides due to corruption. So, let's learn some reasons for a broken PPS file along with few quick fixes.

Causes for PPS file corruption or damage:

  • Improper way of sharing PPS files, internet issues
  • Presence of more bad blocks where your PPS slides are saved
  • Software conflicts in system
  • Presence of virus on PPS stored location
  • Abrupt closing of system / PowerPoint application while PPS is in use
  • Malware affected PowerPoint application
  • Broken PPS file header
  • Ejecting removable drive that holds PPS file, improperly (abrupt)
  • Damage to PPS file by unauthorized third party applications

Methods to Fix Corrupted /Damaged PPS file:

There are numerous techniques to fix a corrupted/damaged PPS presentation file. Among several, few simple and easy procedures are listed below.

Method #1. Make use of Word format

Using this method, you can recover text from your corrupted PPS slides. Later you can create new PPS file using saved images and recovered text.

  • Open Microsoft Word application
  • Click on File menu and select Open
  • Go to All Files tab
  • Select Recover Text from Any File
  • Next, choose your corrupted file
  • Hit Open button

Method #2. PowerPoint Safe Mode

First, open your PowerPoint application in Safe Mode and then check it helps you to access the corrupted PPS file.

  • Go to Start, type run and press Enter
  • Next type powerpnt.exe /safe in the search field
  • Hit Enter key
  • Wait till PowerPoint opens completely
  • Now try to open the corrupted PPS file

Method #3. Use Open and Repair option

PowerPoint comes with an inbuilt repair mechanism called Open and Repair to fix and open corrupted PPS files. So, make use of this built-in fix and repair your corrupted PPS files.

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Go to File tab
  • Select Open
  • Browse the corrupted PPS file and select it
  • Click the arrow located beside Open key
  • Pick Open and Repair from dropdown
  • Check your PPS file

If none of the above methods help you to repair the corrupted or damaged PPS presentation slides, then try Remo Repair PowerPoint.

Method #4. Steps to fix PPS file using Remo Repair PowerPoint

  • Install Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your computer
  • Select the corrupted PPS file using Browse key and hit Repair button
  • Preview the fixed PPS file
  • Use Select Folder and mention the location to save repaired PPS
  • Finally, click on Save button

Perfect way to repair corrupted PPS presentation slides:

  • The tool repairs any issue of PPS file in stipulated time
  • Not just PPS, it will even help to repair PowerPoint files of various other formats - PPT, PPTX and PPSX
  • The tool repairs corrupted PowerPoint file and recover its text, sound effects, formatting, images, animations, OLE objects, fields including hyperlinks etc attributes
  • You find no uncertainty in fixed file as you can preview it prior to save
  • The tool doesn’t work on your source file; it fixes the replicated PowerPoint file
  • Offers a handy interface, which is compatible with all Windows editions
  • Repairs when PowerPoint file not opening, presentation slide showing strange characters, PowerPoint slides screens errors etc.
  • Supports repair of PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 generated files

How to reduce PPS corruption?

  • Archive your PPS files before transferring via the internet
  • Avoid working directly on PPS files saved on removable storage
  • Carefully close PowerPoint app or computer after saving PPS file
  • Keep the storage media away from malware, that holds important PPS files
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