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How to Repair PSD Files?

Oh My God! What happened to my PSD file? Why am I unable to access it? It was the result of my whole month’s hard work! I had to submit this work at office tomorrow. My boss is gonna fire me if I don’t!. Are these the thoughts prevailing in your mind at the moment? If yes then dont panic as you have landed at the right place. Things can be favorable as technology has developed to the extent that, now it is possible to repair your PSD file. Remo Repair PSD is the ideal application that can easily help you out of this trouble. All you need to download this software in order to repair PSD files on Windows as well as Mac operating system without losing sigle bit of information.

Why Remo Repair PSD tool?

Remo Repair PSD is the ultimate repairing utility for correcting PSD files which have been damaged or corrupted due to some reasons which are mentioned at the end of this article. This software repairs the PSD along with its layers and color modes. It uses advanced algorithms to scan the corrupt or broken Photoshop files and get back your data to the maximum extent possible, so as to minimize the loss in file corruption. This tool also completes the process in a very short span of time. You would love to know that this product is packed with numerous attractive features. Have a quick look on that in next section.

Popular characteristics of Remo Repair PSD:

  • Remo Repair PSD fix PSD and even PDD files generated by all versions of Adobe Photoshop
  • It can repair corrupt or broken PSD and PDD photo files
  • Restore the image as well as the separate layers i.e.(Layer and Mask files)
  • This tool can get back pixels, dimension, color depth (i.e. Bitmap, gray-scale, indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color, multichannel color, duotone, lab color etc.) and the palette of the image and layers
  • Program can easily repair RLE compressed PSD file
  • It supports large size PSD and PDD image file
  • Fixes PSD file with depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel
  • Designed to repair PSD and PDD files on corrupted media such as floppy disks, Zip disks, USB drives, etc
  • Tool can repair of a batch of Photoshop image files
  • Support integration with Windows Explorer, so you can repair a Photoshop image file with the context menu of Windows Explorer easily
  • It is fully compatible with all latest versions of Windows or Macintosh operating system

Why do I trust Remo Repair PSD?

The repair process need only minimal user-assistance, i.e. you just need to select the file for repair, and save it after repair procedure gets completed and rest of the process is automated which repairs corrupted PSD file within few minutes. Another advantage of the tool is that it does not alter the original PSD or PDD file. It just reads the data. Also, it does not allow you to store the repaired file to the same drive or partition where the file was, so as to prevent the chances of the original file being overwritten. Remo Repair PSD also provides a free "demo version" which enables you to check results before actual purchase of the software. Also facilitates professional technical assistance to help the customers round the clock.

How to repair PSD file using Remo PSD Repair Tool?

First of all, install Remo Repair PSD software and then run it on your Windows / Mac computer system. After this primary step, just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1 : Launch the PSD repair tool by double clicking the icon and the main screen appears as below

Main Screen

Step 2 : It provides the option to browse the corrupt or damaged PSD image. Select the affected PSD / PDD file and click on “Repair” button

Select File

Step 3 : Here, application The tool scans the selected PSD file and fix it

Repairing Process

Step 4 : As the repair process comes to end, the healthy PSD / PDD file along with its layers and mask files will be displayed. Use the “Preview” option to view each one of them

File Display page

Step 5 : Now save the files to any appropriate location


Frequent scenarios:

  • Incomplete downloads or error messages while downloading PSD files may result in broken files, which Adobe Photoshop would be unable to open
  •  The most common reason of PSD file corruption is due to a fault in the Adobe Photoshop software
  • Power surge or abrupt system shutdowns while you are working with a PSD file, may also damage the file
  • Sometime the system may get hanged, or Photoshop may freeze up, or become non-responsive. In such cases also, PSD file gets damaged
  • Virus / malware attacks are another reason which may cause PSD file coruption

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Safe and Secure
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