How to Repair Corrupt PST File after Importing?

A Quick solution to repair corrupt PST file after importing. Remo Repair Outlook (PST) - the powerful PST repair software offers a free download to fix your broken or damaged PST files in just 3 quick steps. Try it now!

“Hi, I use Microsoft Outlook 2013 and when formatting my system, I took a backup of PST file. Then, I configured the Outlook account and imported .pst file to my profile. But now, I am unable to use my Outlook due to error messages. Even I tried changing the read-write options of PST file. How can I solve this problem?”

Import is the inbuilt option available in Microsoft Outlook, that helps when you wanted to

  • Migrate Outlook profile from one computer to another
  • Upgrade the version of your Outlook
  • Move items from one Outlook email account to another email account
  • Transfer Outlook attributes between local folders and IMAP/Exchange server

But, if the PST file is affected while importing then the user cannot access Outlook after the configuration. Generally, these sorts of errors appear if the PST file header is corrupted after importing. Since the header is the most significant part of the PST file, Outlook considers the whole PST file is corrupted. Hence, Microsoft Outlook shows error messages like “PST is not a personal folders file”, or Outlook says “The PST file is corrupted and needs to be repaired” when you try to import the PST if the file is broken.

And, now if you are also encountering the same situation or your PST file is corrupted after importing then, here is the solution.

Repair Corrupt PST File after Importing:

You can repair the corrupt PST file after importing in two ways.

  • The manual way of repairing corrupt PST file using Inbox Repair tool
  • An automated way to fix corrupt PST with PST repair tool

Run ScanPST (Inbox Repair Tool) to Repair PST File:

  • Close Outlook application if, it is running
  • Use Windows Explorer and find the SCANPST.EXE file
  • Double-click on the scanpst.exe file
  • Click on the Browse button and select the PST file which got corrupted after importing. Hit the Start button
  • If the scan shows any error, opt to make a backup of the scanned file and click on the Repair button

It is not assured that ScanPST fixes your corrupt file completely. Since this inbuilt repair utility can handle only small corruptions of PST file, it may have stuck in mid of the repair process. So, it is suggested to go for Remo Repair Outlook (PST) - ideal tool to repair severely corrupted or damaged Outlook data files.

Automated Way to Repair Corrupt PST after Importing:

Remo PST Repair tool fixes corrupt PST file after importing and stores the recovered data into a new healthy PST file; hence your source file is untouched. It can recover all the content of your broken PST file including emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar items, and even more. This application is efficient and advanced than the Inbox Repair tool offered by Microsoft and can repair the Outlook data files PST and OST, even in complex scenarios.

If you are wondering how to repair my password PST file, searching for ways to fix the data file which is highly encrypted or compressed, then this perfect repair software comes in handy. This PST repair tool, even helps to recover Outlook data that are deleted / lost & emptied from 'Deleted Items Folder' of your Outlook. It can be your emails, contacts, calendar or any other items in simple steps.

Why Remo to Repair Corrupted PST File after Import?

It can effortlessly repair damaged or broken PST files in a few simple steps and gives you a new healthy PST file along with its original attributes. It repairs your PST or OST file, irrespective of the level of corruption it is experiencing. Remo PST Repair tool is the safest way to repair your PST file as it doesn’t modify the contents of the original file. The software is available for free download and allows you to verify the repaired file after the repair process. Offers 3 steps repair procedure and generates the repaired PST file in Outlook 2003-2010 format so that you can easily import it to any version of Outlook including 2016.

Supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook including the latest Outlook 2016 and can be easily installed on any edition of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repair Corrupt PST File after Importing:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Outlook (PST) wizard and click on the Open PST File button. Select the corrupt PST file that you want to fix.

Step 2: Next, choose Smart Scan, provide a location to save the repaired PST file and click the Repair button.

Step 3: Soon after the completion of the repair process, a summary report is generated showing the details of the repaired PST file.

Note: Use Find PST File option if the location of your PST file is unknown and Select Outlook Profile if you have more than one Outlook profile.

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