Software to Fix Recovered AVI File

"A few days ago, I lost some files including some AVI files while reinstalling OS. As I have not maintained any extra copy, I used some third party software to recover them. But after recovering, when I tried to play it using Windows media player an error message popped. It stated that that the file is corrupted adn unable to play. Now I want to fix it as those AVI files are very important to me."

AVI files are the video file formats which contain both audio and video data frames. It is one of the widely used file format for saving video files. But user may come across situation where AVI file is lost or deleted due to some reasons. In order to recover it, user may use some unreliable and unsecure third party tool. Hence, there are chances that this tool may damage or corrupt AVI file while recovering. Due to this, user might not be able to access or play AVI video file.

It's quite obvious that user may get panic and may try every possible way to repair corrupted AVI file after recovery. Hence forth no need to be panic as it is now possible to repair recovered AVI file that is unplayable. This can be done with the aid of Remo Repair AVI, that can easily fix all issues that make your AVI file corrupt. It can easily repair AVI files that gets corrupt due to improper recovery process.

Why Remo Repair AVI software?

Remo Repair AVI software has the ability to repair recovered AVI files that are corrupted or damaged due to any reason with great ease. It works on read only mode thus actual video quality is not altered during the repair process. This software can easily separate audio and video streams of AVI video and then repair them separately. Soon after repairing process software will adjoin both stream together and form playable AVI file.

Apart from AVI file, it also repairs XVID and DIVX files without any difficulties. This repairing software can also recover files that do not play smoothly or do not play at all. AVI files that are fixed by this software can be played on any media player that is compatible to play AVI files. This software can also repair AVI files from all types of storage drives like external hard drives, memory card, SD card, pen drive and many more.

User can smoothly install this file repairing software in all versions of both Windows and Mac Operating System. One can easily cross check repaired AVI files before saving it using the Preview option. In addition, the repaired files can be saved on any storage drives. The UI of the software is so simple and easy to use thus even the novice user can easily use it without any technical help.

Remo Repair AVI file can also repair AVI files that are corrupted due to various other scenarios as explained below:

  • Malicious threats can cause damage to AVI file which make the video unplayable
  • Due to some issues if there is any damage to the header of the AVI then it refuses to play in any of the media players
  • Usage of unreliable third party tool to edit or modify video file can cause severe AVI file corruption.
  • Other factors include power failure, Transfer error, codec issues and lot more.

Steps to Fix retrieved AVI files:

  • Download and install Remo Repair AVI application to the system.
  • Select the recovered AVI file that needs to be repaired and click on "Repair"
  • Quick scanning and analyzing process will take place and within few seconds the file will be displayed
  • User can view repaired AVI file using "Preview" option before saving it in any accessible location.
  • You can then save the repaired file after purchasing the software
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Safe and Secure
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