How to Fix Recovered ZIP Files

Remo Repair ZIP tool fixes ZIP file that is corrupted after recovery and renders healthy ZIP file. The tool repairs ZIP file corrupted due to application malfunction, corrupted storage medium, header file corruption, etc.

You have recovered your lost ZIP file, and now when you try to open recovered ZIP file, it denies to open. This happens when ZIP file gets corrupted during recovery due to an inappropriate way of recovery or unreliable tool which is used to restore ZIP files. Other than these, there are many other reasons which lead to ZIP file corruption, such as

  • Corrupted storage medium
  • Header file corruption
  • Malfunction of application used to extract Zip files
  • Sharing Zip file through unsecured network

No matter, how your ZIP file gets corrupted you can fix it with the help of Remo ZIP Repair tool. The tool fixes ZIP file that is corrupted after recovery or due to any other reason and produces a healthy ZIP file.

Fix ZIP File after Recovery using Remo ZIP Repair Tool….

Remo ZIP Repair software repairs recovered ZIP file structure and extracts the contents of the ZIP file to produce a healthy file. Recovered ZIP and ZIPX files will be fixed easily with the help of this tool. The tool can be used to repair corrupted, broken and inaccessible ZIP file in few mouse clicks.

Supported Windows OS- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server2003

Here is the Complete Guide on how to Repair Recovered ZIP files:

Download Remo Zip Repair software on your computer and install it by clicking downloaded file. Next, launch the software and follow below mentioned steps to repair your ZIP file.

  • Select your ZIP file that has to be fixed using Browse button and click on "Repair" to begin the repair process.
  • Once repairing process gets completed, you will get a list of files from the compressed archive
  • Click #Lost Files folder if corrupt ZIP file contains some file in the root
  • Next, click Select Folder option to specify the location to save repaired ZIP file and press Save option

Some Other Features of Remo Repair ZIP File:

Remo ZIP Repair Tool helps to fix ZIP and ZIPX file that is password protected. Even, encrypted ZIP archive will be fixed using this tool. And, the tool comes handy to fix split ZIP file as well as ZIP file with 4GB and more. It can also be used

  • For repairing invalid Zip file error and missing end signature error
  • To fix ZIP file association problems on Windows
  • For fixing corrupted 7ZIP archive
  • Increased number of bad sectors on storage medium

The tool allows you to repair ZIP files stored on various storage devices, such as external hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc. Moreover, you can save repaired ZIP files in any location of your choice. Also, it provides round the clock technical support for solving your queries related to installation of the product or repair process.

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