“Hi I downloaded a third party tool to split a large Zip file in order to email. The process of split was successful but after the split of Zip file what I observed was very strange. Zip files which were split in two files were damaged and resulted inaccessible. Thus is there any way by which I can repair the Zip files very easily”

Large Zip files can be split into suitable size so that you can reduce consumption of hard drive space or mange the drive space, send the files through emails etc. Thus if the process of split is improperly performed then the Zip files may get corrupted due to which you will lose access to split Zip files.

Reasons behind Zip files getting damaged

Header damage: Header of Zip files may get damage due to many reasons and once it is damaged then you will not be able to access it until the header is fixed

Virus incursion: Virus infection is one of the major causes for Zip file corruption thus if there are any harmful viruses in your computer and you don’t have suitable anti-virus to avoid infection from virus then there are chances of Zip file corruption

Incompatible program: If you make use of incompatible program to access Zip files then there are chances of Zip file getting damaged due to file association problems and other inadequate issues     

File transfer: While transferring Zip file or downloading Zip file if there is any kind of interruption like network problems, abrupt termination of computer, software conflicts etc. then these interruptions can result in damage of Zip file

All the above mentioned reasons are causes for Zip file damage thus if you have come across any such incident then you can make use of Remo Repair Zip tool which can easily repair all the damaged Zip file within minutes

How can Remo Repair Zip tool help you in repairing damaged Zip file?

  • Remo Repair Zip tool is equipped with user interface which are very easy to understand by which a novice user will not feel any difficulty in using the application
  • This tool has the ability to repair damaged Zip file that is damaged due to bad CRC error
  • Can be easily installed onto foremost operating system of Windows such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003   
  • If your Zip folder has become invalid, then invalid ZIP folder repair is carried out securely by this tool
  • By making use this utility you can feel very safe as this tool does not damage the actual content of the file while repairing a damaged Zip file
  • It has the capability to fix Zip files that are large in size and moreover it can be used to repair Zip files that are damaged due to unknown or incomplete compression technique

Guidelines to repair split Zip files

Initially download and install trial version of Remo Repair Zip tool and after installation launch the product to get a home screen. click on “Browse” option in order to select Zip files. After selecting the files you can click on “Repair” option which will begin the repair process. Hence wait for the repair process to get completed and once it is completed you can have a preview of the recovered files. Once you preview the recovered files you can purchase the full version of the application to save the recovered files.

Additional Info: Similar to Zip files, RAR file may also get damaged due to above stated reasons, thus if your important Zip file are damaged then click here to know how to perform damaged RAR file repair

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