Repair Unplayable MP4 File

Easily repair unplayable MP4 files using Remo Repair MOV software and play them smoothly on your media player. The software can repair MP4 files stored on any storage device like USB's, external hard drives, SD cards etc. Check out our free trial today!

I am having issues playing an important MP4 file. I tried to use some online repair tools, but no luck. Is there a way I can fix my MP4 files?

Don’t worry; you can easily repair your MP4 files using Remo Repair software. It is one of the most quick and efficient ways to fix unplayable or corrupt MP4 video file. It repairs your corrupt file without modifying the original and also provides a preview of the repaired file prior to purchasing the full version of the software. You can also use the tool to repair MOV files in addition to MP4 files. Learn more about the tool and steps to repair your MP4 file in this article here.

How MP4 file becomes unplayable or corrupt?

There are various reasons for MP4 files to become unplayable and some of the main reasons are explained as follows

  • File gets corrupt when attacked by virus or malware
  • If any interruption occurs when downloading MP4 file from the internet, it can lead to corruption
  • Playing healthy MP4 file on unsupported media players can change the file structure leading to corruption
  • Sudden termination of system when file is still playing on media player
  • Interruption when a file transfer is in progress can cause corruption in MP4 files

How to repair corrupt MP4 files?

Now that we’ve seen why your MP4 file may have trouble playing, let us understand how to repair them using Remo Repair MOV. This software offers the best solution to repair unplayable or corrupt MP4 files. It works by extracting audio and video from the corrupt file, fixes issues and then prepares a new healthy MP4 file, which you should be able to play easily using your media player. Just have a look at some of the benefits Remo Repair MOV offers.

  • Ability to repair corrupt, unplayable, damaged, truncated or broken MP4 files
  • Ability to repair MP4 files stored on any storage device like external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards etc.
  • Can repair corrupt or damaged MOV files in addition to MP4 files
  • The software works in a unique read only fashion, so your original file remains unaltered after repair
  • Repairs files on both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Provides 24*7 hours of tech support to assist you during the repair process

Steps to repair unplayable MP4 files using Remo Repair MOV

  • Download and install the Remo Repair MOV application on your system
  • Start the application; from the main screen, select a Healthy file that will be used as a reference to repair the corrupt file. Please note, this should be recorded on the same device as that of the corrupt file)
  • Then choose the corrupt file to be fixed by clicking on the Corrupt file button
  • Once file has been selected, click on Repair option
  • Now tool will start analysing that file and once repair process gets over a next window will displayed
  • Displayed window consists of repaired file description and you are allowed a free preview fixed file at this stage
  • If you are satisfied with the results, purchase the full version of this software to save that repaired file to your disk

Supported codecs and OS

  • Audio: sowt, RAW, mp4a
  • Video: avc1, mp4v, mjpeg
  • Windows: Supports all Windows OS versions including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista

Tips to avoid MP4 file corruption

  • Never attempt to play file on unsupported media player or corrupted media player
  • Never store healthy file on storage media that contains virus and malware
  • If you have to change file formats, please do so in a proper manner

With the assistance of Remo File Repair application you can easily recover corrupted files in a secure and effective way on both Windows and Mac system. Know more by visiting given link.

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