Repair Word File Header

Repair Word File Header

My one of the most important Word files header has got corrupt and unable to access data from it. So if anyone knows the resolution to fix this issue then explain it please.

Usually users experience Word file header corruption due to various reasons and results in inaccessible file. In such situation, stop worrying and try to repair using below mentioned methods.

  1. Attempt to open the Word file in Draft Mode

Sometimes you can open a Word file in draft mode when it will not open in other views. After you open the file, you may be able to repair the file. 

To switch to draft mode in Word:

  • On the View menu, click Normal
  • On the Tools menu, click Options, select the View tab, and select the Draft Font option

Use Open and Repair option

  • Select the corrupt Word file in the open dialogue box
  • Now select Open and Repair option from the Open drown list in the bottom right corner

By attempting above-mentioned methods may help you to fix your Word file header corruption and makes healthy accessible file. incase these methods do not work then go for a professional file repair application like Remo Repair Word because it is the most advanced and trusted corrupt file fixer that fixes all the major and minor issues and restores data if lost. In addition, this application does not harm your Word files and performs secure recovery process.

More about Remo Repair Word application

  • Repairs severely damaged or corrupt Word files in easy way
  • Restores header, fonts, images, hyperlinks from it
  • Repairs doc and docx file extension formats generated on all versions of MS Word application
  • Provides free technical assistance if user requires
  • Provides free demo version to evaluate efficiency of application

How Word file header gets corrupt?

  • When you attempt to open Word file in corrupted Word application
  • When file is severely attacked by virus and malware function
  • Abruptly ejecting USB device while accessing file which is stored in it
  • Frequently changing its file format

Warning: Suppose Word is unable to open due to corruption or damage and any other issues then do try to open or access it because severity of corruption will increases and there are chances losing it permanently. Hence, avoid usage of that Word file unless it is repaired using third party applications.

Procedure involved in repairing Word file header

  • Download Remo Repair Word application and install on your system successfully
  • Start the repair process by choosing your corrupt Word file using Browse option
  • Once you select the file click on Repair option
  • Application starts repairing process and this will take few minutes
  • Finally displays a message that File Repaired successfully if repairing process completes successfully
  • Click on Preview File to preview repaired file
  • Browse a path to save repaired file and click on Save


  • Do not abruptly exit Word application
  • Do not prefer fast save option
  • Attempt defragmenting hard disk often
  • Scan system regularly with updated antivirus application
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