How to Fix XVID File Header

XVID Header Repair Software

Corrupt or broken XVID file header will be repaired in just few simple steps by Remo Repair AVI software!! The tool fixes the video and makes it playable in few minutes!

One of your XVID file’s header is corrupted and you are unable to play the video. And there is nothing you can do about it. What could be the reason behind XVID header corruption? And, how to fix the video file and make it playable again?

There are many situations in which XVID header gets corrupted. Few instances are as follows –

  • Trying to play XVID file on an incompatible media player
  • Interruption like sudden system shutdown when XVID file is still playing
  • Storing XVID file in a corrupted / infected storage media

In all these cases your XVID video becomes unplayable. However, you don’t have to worry about your unplayable video file because Remo Repair AVI software comes to your rescue! Yes, the tool fixes XVID file header in a short while and makes it playable again.

Quick Fix for Corrupted XVID Header – Remo Repair AVI

The software fixes XVID header which is corrupted and makes the file playable in just a short span of time. It has a user-friendly interface such that even a non-technical user can go about the repair process with ease. Remo AVI Repair tool has read-only mechanisms which only extract data from the corrupt XVID file and fixes it. Hence, the corrupt file is not damaged further.

Apart from XVID file this application also repairs AVI and DivX video files that are corrupt or not playing on any media player. The fixed file can be played on both Windows and Mac systems. The tool is also capable of repairing .xvid files which are of large size, files with no audio video synchronization, bad frame XVID files, and so on. Furthermore, XVID files stored on memory cards, USB external drives, hard disk drives, etc., can be fixed in no time by this program.

Tutorial to Fix XVID Video Header –

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair AVI software on your system

Step 2: To begin with the repair process, launch the program

Step 3: On the main screen click on “Browse” option to select the corrupted XVID file and then click on “Repair” button

Step 4: Once the XVID file is fixed, you can preview the video file using “Preview” option

Step 5: Finally, save the repaired file on any accessible location

Few Safety Measures –

  • Do not use unreliable tools to convert or compress XVID video files
  • Interrupting XVID file download or transfer should be avoided
  • Keep a copy of important XVID files on any storage medium
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Safe and Secure
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