Repair Zip after Unexpected End of Archive

Fix ZIP after unexpected end of RAR Archive by utilizing Remo Repair Zip tool. Download the triel edition here, and fix the corrupt ZIP file & then preview the extracted file before you activate the tool. Try now!!!

I cannot access my photos, videos, DOC files, PowerPoint presentations, videos, movies which are in a zip archive in my computer. I tried many a times to extract the files from the Zip archive but not able to access anything in it and is giving me an error message stating “the zip archive is corrupt or damaged”. Now what should I do to extract files from it without altering any of its contents or losing files from it?” Please help me out to solve the issue.

The above mentioned problem is common and most of the users are experiencing with such error messages while downloading or extracting Zip files. This error message normally pop up during downloading Zip file due to slow internet connection, unexpected power failure, sudden system turn off during Zip file download and so on. Nevertheless, no need to get worry! You can easily repair the corrupt or damage Zip file by making use of trustworthy tool like Remo Repair Zip. The software can easily fix corrupted Zip file structure within matter of minutes and allows you to extract contents without any complexity.

Let’s have a look over common scenarios responsible for Zip file corruption:

  • CRC Errors: CRC is a technique used to check for data integrity by comparing the CRC codes at the sending and receiving end while transferring data over internet. If the CRC codes do not match at both the ends then an error message is shown and the file becomes inaccessible. Such error occurs whenever there is an interruption during the file transfer.
  • Virus/malware infection: A virus may enter into the system while downloading files from an untrusted site and can alter or infect the Zip files enclosed in your computer.
  • Corruption to header file: a Zip file is made up of a header and data part. It contains vital information related to the file like its size, name, date, etc. which is required at the time of extracting files from it. Any damage to the header file can result in inaccessible.
  • Changing the file extension of Zip files: Forcibly changing the file extension can lead to severe Zip file corruption. For example, changing a Zip file ‘’ to ‘abc.rar’ only changes its name but the functionality remains same, this sort of incidence results in corruption of Zip file.

Remo Repair Zip Fabulous Features:

This is the most preferred repair application across worldwide when it comes to fixing Zip files on your PC or laptop. It incorporates a user friendly interface and requires just a few clicks to repair the Zip files. With the help of this tool you can fix corrupt pr damage files after recovery.  It uses advanced algorithms to mend broken ZIP as well as ZIPX files and is compatible with Windows7, 8, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008. It lets you to preview the repaired ZIP files before saving them to any desired location.

Steps to Repair Zip File:

  • Download and install demo version of Remo Repair Zip tool in your PC
  • Launch the tool and start repair process by following simple instructions given on steps
  • In the main screen click on “Browse” button to find file which you want to repair. After selecting Zip file, click on “Repair” button
  • Now tool begins scanning and fixing process
  • Once fixing process gets completed you can view the list of restored files
  • Next click on “Browse” to locate the location where you wish to save files
  • If you are satisfied with the trial version, then purchase complete version to save the repaired files.

Additional Info: By utilizing the functionality of Remo Repair tool you can fix broken file on your PC such as Word, PPT, AVI, PSD and other files sucessfully.

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