Repair ZIP File

  • Advanced Zip Repair Software to fix corrupt .zip, .zipx files
  • Safely repair WinZip file without modifying original corrupted file
  • Supports repair of password protected and encrypted Zip files
  • Tested on several large .zip and .zipx archives
  • Repair after CRC error, header corruption or when file does not open

Advanced ZIP Repair Tool

A Zip file is the generic file format used to store one or more number of files in compressed form in order to minimize the file size. It enables you to compress its content up to 90% smaller size with respect to original file size of all the files put together. Zip file is prominently used to group and compress one or more files to save disk space so that files can be easily stored and transported via email, removal media or over internet. It basically acts as a data container, and is sometimes called as archive file.

Zip utilizes various compression techniques to compress the data. However, this may lead to corruption of data while compressing or extracting it, hence making your critical data unobtainable. This can be due to various aspects like header error, CRC error, virus attack, invalid data addition and while sharing or downloading the file via internet. However, a good Zip Repair Software can help you to repair zip files without altering the original file by creating a new zip file. Remo Repair ZIP is a solution which reads information from a corrupted .zip or .zipx file and will create for you a new healthy file which you can use.


  • Easily repair Zip files having unexpected end of archive zip file error, CRC error
  • Repair Zip file after header corruption
  • Repair corrupt Zip files which are more than 4GB in size
  • Supports repair of corrupted 32 bit and 64 bit Zip files
  • Provides you preview option, to preview the repaired data before restoration

Some common scenarios which lead to Zip file corruption:

Due to virus attack:  While downloading or sharing, the Zip files over the network there are higher chances corruption due to virus attacks. As it creates invalid data in the Zip files making data inaccessible.

Due to incomplete download: CRC errors and header corruption may occur in Zip files when the saving process is incomplete or due to interruption in downloading or due to incomplete transfer during a send / receive email process.

Improper extracting of Zip files: Sudden power failures or improper shut down while extracting a Zip file may lead to corruption of the Zip file resulting in loss of data. Even during interruption in internet connection while sharing or downloading the Zip file causes corruption.

Steps involved in repairing Zip files using Remo Repair ZIP tool:

  • Download and install Remo Repair ZIP trial version.
  • Select your .zip or .zipx file, which is to be repaired using “Browse” option and click “Repair" option to begin the repair process as shown in Step 1.
  • Now the software will start scanning your zip file and will read its structure to reconstruct a new zip file and eventually you will get a list of files from the compressed zip file as shown in Step 2.
  • The software enables you to browse complete list of recoverable files and even the root files using the “#lost file” option as shown in Step 3.
  • Finally to store your repaired zip file, press “Next” option, then a new window will appear where can select your destination location for storing the data as shown in Step 4.
  • Then, by clicking the "Save" button you can save all your lost data.

Note: The free trial version of Remo Repair ZIP software is technically similar to the full version, except that saving of repaired zip file is disabled. The software needs to be purchased in order to enable "Save" option, which completes the repair process.

Remo Repair ZIP is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt ZIP files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted ZIP files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).


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