Fix corrupted ZIP files in Windows 7

Recently I sliced a ZIP file of around 400 MB into three halves using WinRAR in Windows 7.Though Windows 7 operating system provides option to join them,I do not know how to merge them into one.So I used a third party utility to do the work but it failed and throws errors “unable to read file”.

ZIP files are the files that are compressed and decrypted for the purpose of secure transmission,also to avoidinfection of vulnerable threats to data. The splitting option in the WinRAR software gives the user to split larger files. Some files may size larger even after the encryption process. These large sized files are difficult to transmit. Therefore, for mobility purpose splitting the compressed files is necessary. There are ultimately some drawbacks too.

Incase if any of the splitfiles is found missing or corrupted you cannot be able torejoin the pieces back. Though there is no optimal solution for the ZIP file missing process, you can eventually repair the corrupted ZIP file using a worthy tool called Remo Repair ZIP.

The Windows 7 operating system itself by default provide an option to compress and extract the ZIP files but unfortunately it supports onlyformats developed by Microsoft. To do that, select all the splits; right click in it and then select “extract here”.However, if any of the ZIP file is corrupted or failsto open then Windows 7 will struggle to extract the content.Be less worried because Remo Repair ZIP will always be there with you as a guard to save ZIP files from this crisis.

Remo Repair ZIP has a potential algorithm that will redesign and extract the internal structure contentof the corrupted ZIP files. Here in splitted ZIP files the header is the most important part. It acts as a pointer and index to the actual data that are covered. Remo Repair ZIP successful mends these breakages and extracts all the data available inside the corrupted ZIP file.

Features of Remo Repair ZIP:

  • Remo Repair ZIP is one of the reputed tools that can successfully repair the broken ZIP files that may use any type Windows compression format.
  • If your ZIP file is corrupt by Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) type errors then Remo Repair ZIP is the perfect tool for you to repair. These CRC errors appear while uploading or downloading ZIP files. The CRC is used for error detection in ZIP files.
  • Moreover,this tool can be used more efficiently in 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 operating systems.

Steps to repair corrupted ZIP:

  • Download the demo version of the tool and install it on your Windows 7 PC.
  • In the main window browse and select the corrupted ZIP files.
  • Then click “Repair”, it will start redesigning the internal structures and will load all the available data inside it.
  • Since you are about to repair broken ZIP files,the root data of the ZIP is also needed which can be restored by clicking the “Lost” button.
  • Now destine a folder for the extracted ZIP file and “Save” it
  • Now the corrupted ZIP file is successfully repaired without any trouble.

Some Essential Tips:

  • The “Save” option is disabled in demo version of Remo Repair ZIP. It will be enabled after the successful purchase of the software which is as worth as your money.
  • Before installing Remo Repair ZIP,turn off the UAC settings in control panel. You can find it in control panel, System and Security and Action settings. This is because some fonts used in our software were disabled when the UAC settings are turned on.

NOTE: If you also need to repair corrupted RAR file, then please read this page here.

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