Rescue RAW Pictures from CF Card

With the help of Remo Photo Recovery software you can easily restore RAW images - CR2/CRW, NEF, PEF & other RAw images in simple steps. Download th tool and try now!!!

"From past three years, I am being working as a cameraman in film industry. Recently I have captured some photos through my digital camera and later moved all captured RAW pictures to CF card. Later, connecting CF card to system through card reader, I opened CF storage device but I did not get any pictures inside it. Could anyone help me out to restore those pictures?"

This is one unusual case and is faced by lots of user and lose their precious data such as RAW pictures, media files and other data stuff. You can notice two major reasons why photos are disappeared from CF card. First thing is you haven’t successfully completed photo transfer process and another one is card might affected by strong virus and malware threats due to which photos stored on CF card gets disappeared. There is one feasible solution get back those hidden or disappeared pictures from CF card. Just follow below mentioned instructions.

  • Connect your CF card to system
  • Open command prompt and type cd D:\
  • Type the command - D:\attrib -s -r -h *.*/d/s and hit enter
  • Finally wait for files to show up

Note: change the letter D:\ with the drive letter of your USB Drive or Memory Card

If this method worked and restored all lost RAW pictures then it is fine. Even though applying this method, if you still missing some other pictures or else method is not worked then in such case, no other choice to restore them and you should go with third party recovery applications. Remo Recover Media application is one such smart picture recovery software that efficiently restores all formats of pictures from CF card, including RAW pictures, GIF, PNG and BNP, in a simple way. You can even utilize this application to extract pictures from Transcend SDHC card and facilitates user to perform photo recovery from other types of memory card as well.

Note: Whenever you lost photos from CF card or other memory card and wish you restore them then in such situation stop using that memory card because storing other pictures or doing any changes in it then it will results in permanent loss of photos beyond recovery.

Data loss scenarios supported by Remo Recover Media application

  • Accidental deletion of photos while previewing or sorting them
  • Formatting card when it is being attacked by strong virus and malware threats
  • Inaccessible CF card after sudden ejection from connected system
  • Interrupted file transfer process from CF card to System and vice versa

How to evaluate efficiency of Remo Recover Media tool

  • Initially connect your CF card to system through card reader where you wish to install software
  • Download demo version of Remo Digital Photo Recovery application from website and install successfully on system
  • Launch the application by double clicking on it, welcome screen appears that consists of three major options. In that, you choose "Recover Photos" option and in next step, select "Recover Lost Photos" option and move on to next step
  • Now application scans for drives located in system and lists them. In that list, you select appropriate CF card and click on "Next" button to start scanning process
  • Recovery process will be completed in a couple minutes and the recovered result is displayed in "File Type View" and "Data View" formats. If you are satisfied with results obtained then purchase full version to save those recovered photos to your disk

If you are using XD card to store precious photos and due to any reason if photos being lost or deleted from XD card, then in such case just make use of this unique application to recover XD card pictures.

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