Recover Files from Windows 10 after Factory Reset

Restoring Windows 10 to its factory settings without taking backup results in loss of data. It doesn’t mean that the files are removed permanently, you still have a chance of recovering files using Remo Data Recovery Software.

Working on your new Windows 10 system seemed to be fun and exciting. But of late, the performance of the system has decreased and you feel it has slowed down. Sometimes, it freezes all of a sudden grinding work to a halt. These issues may occur to you because of logical errors, software conflicts, and so on. So to fix these issues and eventually speed up the performance, you have to restore Windows 10 to its factory settings.

Few cases where Windows 10 is reset to factory settings:

  • If Windows 10 PC / laptop locks up, freezes or is running slowly, restoring it to factory settings brings it back to its original state
  • Increased number of bad sectors on the hard drive corrupts it, due to which you may perform factory reset
  • To clear up settings and configuration of the system to default settings, Windows 10 is restored to factory settings
  • To remove personal information from the drive before selling it, factory reset is done

You have decided to perform factory reset, but in hurry, you forget to backup data which results in loss of entire data stored on your system! You, clicked on “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” to factory reset Windows 10 and this action changes PC settings to their defaults and all your files will be removed. This is why backing up files is crucial before a factory reset. Now that your data is erased, what can be done? Is recovery an option?

Whenever Windows 10 is restored to its factory settings, the files are not erased completely from hard drive. Although the files are not visible to you, data still resides on the hard drive; only the address pointers of the files are removed. With Windows Recovery software by Remo, entire files from Windows 10 will be restored in a short time!

Remo Recover to Restore Data after Windows 10 Reset

The software retrieves all the files from Windows 10 system after factory reset by scanning entire drive quickly and recovering them. This Hard Drive Recovery software is a read-only tool which doesn’t damage any of the files. All your files like pictures, documents, videos, PDFs, etc. from restored Windows 10 system will be recovered effortlessly.

Salient Features of Remo Recover Windows

  • Remo Recover also supports recovery of missing or lost data from formatted / reformatted partitions, inaccessible or repartitioned drives in Windows 10
  • Allows you to recover data from crashed hard drive, unbootable HDD in just few steps
  • Files deleted or lost from various storage devices like hard disks, external USB drives, memory sticks, flash memory cards, and so on can also be retrieved
  • The application has easy to use interface along with advanced features which makes the recovery process quite simple and efficient

Note: After Windows 10 is reset to factory settings, stop adding new files to the drive in order to avoid overwriting. This is because once the drive is overwritten by new files, recovery becomes difficult.

Watch the Video Tutorial to Know the Recovery Steps

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