How to Recover Deleted Files from Transcend Storejet External Hard Drive?

Updated on March 26, 2022

Losing data stored in external storage devices such as hard drives is a common issue these days. But thanks to the progress technology has made, data recovery has never been this easier. As long as your old data doesn’t get overwritten by new data, the chance of recovering your files is high. Make use of Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. A tool primarily built to recover data of any type and format lost due to any reason, from any Transcend Storejet External Hard drive. On all versions of Windows and Mac systems.
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Transcend makes some of the most sought-after storage devices, which are used by thousands and thousands of users across the world. If you are one of the users who uses any of the below-mentioned models of Transcend Storejet external or portable hard drive. For any reason including, transferring a large amount of data, or storing a backup of your important data. Transcend’s external hard drives have proven to be reliable and a durable option when compared to its counterparts.

However, as mentioned earlier in the article. Losing data is a very very common issue. Faced by thousands of computer or laptop users across the world. If unfortunately, it’s you this time. We can assure you that you have ended up in the right place. Losing data that was prized or having a significant value can be a nightmare for anyone, but it shouldn’t be the case with you. Thankfully we have a solution that has been tried and tested by thousands of users across the world. Which is guaranteed to retrieve your data that has been lost, deleted, missing, corrupted, or even formatted from any Transcend external hard drive models including,

Transcend Desktop External Hard Drives Transcend StoreJet 35T3
Transcend Portable Hard drives
  • Transcend StoreJet 25C3S
  • Transcend StoreJet 25C3N
  • Transcend StoreJet 25M3C
  • Transcend StoreJet 25M3
  • Transcend StoreJet 25H3
  • Transcend StoreJet 25A3

If you have lost data from any of the above-mentioned or any other Transcend external hard drives. Keep reading to find out about a proven way to recover any type of data.

Before we start talking about the recovery process. We would like you to know a couple of things.
Firstly, you need to stop using your Transcend hard drive, as soon as you have lost the data or formatted the drive. This prevents overwriting of the files or data. Which boosts the chances of successful data recovery.

Secondly, if in case your Transcend external hard drive or any other storage device has gotten corrupt. Then we highly recommend you extract the data first and then try to repair it. Since the issue is corruption manual methods might work or at times won’t.

So without wasting any more time let’s jump right into it and start recovering your valuable data.

How to Recover Data from Transcend External Hard Drives?

The only way to recover your permanently deleted, inaccessible data that has been formatted, or has gotten corrupt is by making use of a powerful data recovery tool, such as Remo Transcend Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. A tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of users when it comes to recovering data from Transcend storeJet External Hard drive.

Remo Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is a practical tool purposefully devised to recover data that was lost due to any reason, the tool is capable of recovering audio and video files, text files, word documents, excel sheets, images, application files, even compressed and zipped files, and various other types of files, of any file format from any Transcend Hard drive effortlessly. The tool comes with a signature search option that lets you restore only particular types of files while ignoring the rest. The intuitive interface of the tool has been specifically designed for novice users which is also loved by tech-nerds.

Moreover, this tool is compatible with all latest as well as older versions of Windows and mac os.
Download the tool for free now, and recover your files in a while without a hitch.

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The tool is not just capable of recovering data from any external hard drive but also from flash drive.

You are just 6 steps away from recovering your data from Transcend Hard Drive.

How To Retrieve Deleted Data From Transcend Storejet Hard drive With Remo Recover?

  • Download and install Remo Recover 6.0
  • Connect the Transcend USB storejet drive to your PC
  • Once you launch the application, choose the USB drive from which would you like to recover your files from. Click on the Transcend USB storejet from which lost files from.
  • Once you have chosen the drive you want to recover click on Scan button.
  • The tool will automatically initiate Quick Scan. Once the Quick Scan is completed, the tool runs Deep Scan where it restores data sector by sector. Open the Dynamic Data View to easily files from Transcend Storejet simultaneously while the Deep Scan is running.
  • Initate scan
  • You can also search for the specific file format in the search bar with Advanced Filter option
  • Now select the folder or file that you want recover the drive from and click on Recover option
  • Recover
  • After the Transcend USB Storejet is scanned the recovered data will be presented to you.
  • Choose the deleted or lost Transcend Storejet flash-drive files from, click on Save a browse for a location to save the recovered data.

Note: Always save the restored files on the drive other than the affected drive.

Additionally, you can also use Remo Recover to restore Transcend memory card data or to recover data from PNY Attache flash drive.


Here we wrap up our discussion on recovering data from transcend’s portable or external hard disk. In this write-up, we have comprehensively talked through a sure-shot way of recovering data from Storejet Hard Drive.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we have enjoyed writing it and we are pretty sure you have recovered your data that was lost. In case, you have facing any trouble using our tool, you can contact our support team.

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