How to Recover Deleted Files from Transcend Storejet?

Updated on August 13, 2020

As long as the deleted files on Transcend Storejet hard drive are not overwritten with new files, you can easily restore those deleted files with Remo Recover Software. Get the free download of the software and restore deleted data from Transcend Storejet in three quick & easy steps..!

Get back deleted data from Transcend Storejet external hard drive

Transcend is a popular brand that manufactures external hard drives & USB drives. Generally external hard drives are used as a data traveler to transfer large amount of files from one system to another. Some people also use it as a backup device to store all their precious media files & other crucial data. But disaster can happen anytime & with anyone. Due to a slight distraction you might lose all your crucial files in just a few seconds. It might sound like a nightmare but that's true. Suppose you connected your Transcend Storejet hard drive to a system to see some files. You removed some files using "Delete" option but then you realized that the file was important. You reached the Recycle Bin, but the file was not present there. This is because the files deleted from an external device even by pressing only "Delete" button, are permanently removed from the system. This mistake is done very commonly as most of the people think that the file will be residing in the Recycle Bin.

Before you begin with data recovery from Transcend Storejet.. As soon as you accidentally delete files on Transcend Storejet hard drive, and want to recover them back, then immediately stop using the drive to avoid overwriting of the files. If the deleted files on Transcend Storejet are replaced with new files, then the deleted files cannot be recovered back. Before it's too late, apply Remo Recover software and regain deleted files back on Transcend Storejet hard drive.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) - Free Tool to Restore Deleted Files from Transcend Storejet hard Drive

Use Remo Recover Basic tool if you face any of the above deletion scenarios. This tool has powerful & advanced algorithms that scans to undelete files from your external hard drive. This application has a very intuitive & user-friendly interface that it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. The recovery can be easily performed by just following the on-screen instructions & clicking few mouse buttons. The utility also helps to recover files lost due to some transfer errors or a virus infection.

Remo Recover has been designed for both Mac as well as Windows operating systems compatible with even Windows 10, and macOS High Sierra. Therefore, a compatible version can be downloaded & recovery can be performed by connecting the external drive to the system. The application recovers deleted / lost files like documents, photos, audios, videos, application files, compressed / zipped files, etc. Moreover it helps to restore Transcend memory card data such as photos, video files, music files, etc, which gets deleted or lost due to various reasons.

Why to Opt Remo Recover?

Remo Recover can retrieve up to 300 types of file formats. It supports recovery of data from external hard drives of brands like Transcend, Seagate, SanDisk, Kingston, Western Digital, etc. The user can also perform customized search if he / she wants to restore only a particular type of file, using "Signature Search" option. The recovered files can be sorted based on their name, size or creation date. The user will not have any problem in finding their files as the tool preserves the original names & other header details intact. The tool is available as a demo version so that recovery results can be evaluated & the tool's performance can be judged. The restored files should be saved on the drive other than the affected Transcend Storejet external hard drive. Additionally, you can also make use ot the tool to recover data from PNY Attache flash drive.

How to restore deleted data from Transcend Storejet with Remo?

Download the demo version of the tool & install it on your system. Connect the Transcend Storejet external hard drive & run the software. From the welcome screen of the software, select Recover Files option. Now choose the Transcend Storejet external hard drive from the list of logical or physical drives & hit the Scan button to initiate scanning the hard drive. The tool will start scanning for the deleted files & folders & will display the restored files, which you can view in Data View, and File Type View. Now, prior to saving the recovered files, you can preview the recovered files just by selecting a file, and clicking Preview option. At last, if the results are satisfying then activate the complete version of the software to save the recovered files.

Additional Information: In case you have lost an entire folder, click on the link to know more on how to recover folders from flash drive.

Why Choose Remo?