Recovering Deleted Files from microSD Card

Easy and quick solution to recover deleted files from micro SD card. It can be your photos, videos, audio files or any other type of file, the software will recover them all from micro SD cards of various brands in few simple steps…

Electronic chips like micro SD cards are most commonly used in Smartphones, Tablets, cameras and in other digital gadgets to store data. Having benefits like small size, storage capacity, portability will not avoid data loss from micro SD cards. Files stored in micro SD cards are also vulnerable to data loss just like other storage devices. Many microSD card users get along with a misconception that recovery of deleted files is impossible. But in reality, Remo card recovery software gives you a solution to recover deleted files from micro SD card of brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Lexar, Sony and many more.

NOTE: Avoid adding any new files to micro SD card after data loss. Addition of new files to the same micro SD card may results in permanent deletion of files.

Causes of deletion of files from micro SD card are:

  • Accidental deletion - While deleting unwanted files from microSD card, if you choose essential ones along them leads to deletion
  • Improper ejection - Abrupt ejection of micro SD card from computer / laptop or from camera sometimes results in deletion of files
  • Virus infection – Connecting micro SD card to a virus infected system will corrupt the card and makes it inaccessible which in turns results in loss of files
  • Improper Usage of the Card: Sudden system shutdown during data transfer process or while converting your card into a bootable card or abrupt ejection while tranferring or editing files also causes deletion of files

Deleted data recovery from micro SD card using Remo Recover:

Remo Recover software is an effective tool that helps in recovering deleted files from micro SD card. This tool also supports deleted photo recovery as well as other media files from other flash memory cards like MMC card, XD card, Memory stick and more. Though the deleted file remains in micro SD card, but it cannot be accessed by the user. Its built in algorithms restores those deleted files from micro SD card in just few clicks. Remo card recovery software allows user to retrieve files from corrupted memory cards and also from the cards which are formatted, damaged or showing errors while accessing on Windows and Mac operating system.

This software come with unique features such as "Save Recovery Session" that saves your scanned results for future use and avoids rescanning of the card or other storage device; "Data View"option that displays recovered file based on its hierarchical form; "File Type View" option helps in displaying restored files based on its file type and the most important is "Preview" option that enables user to view the content of the restored file.

Steps to Restore Deleted Files from Micro SD Card

  • Download and Install the software on your system
  • Run the application by double clicking on icon and connect micro SD card to that particular system
  • Now, select “Recover Files” from the main screen
  • Next, select “Recover Deleted Files” option
  • On the third window select the micro SD card that has to be scanned and click on "Next" button
  • Once the scanning process gets completed, a list of files that were deleted from the micro SD card gets displayed
  • Select the required file and save the file on any location of your choice

Important suggestions that might help to avoid data loss from micro SD card in future:

  • Check twice before deleting any file from microSD card
  • Always use “Safely Remove Device” option while disconnecting micro SD card from computer
  • Do not use micro SD card on multiple devices
  • Make use of antivirus software to get rid of virus infection
  • Take regular backup of files which are stored in micro SD card to overcome these data loss situations

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