Recover Files Deleted files due to deactivating display delete confirmation

If you have piled up a huge number of files in your PC screen, then filtering out the unwanted files will be a huge headache. Every time you delete a file, Windows will ask, "Whether you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin"? This is generally a permission to prevent you from accidentally deleting important files. But suppose if you are deleting 20 files and if the pop up message comes out each time then you might get irritated. So you uncheck the display delete confirmation box so that you don't get prompted every time. However in order to finish this task as soon as possible, you might have selected some important files along with the useless ones and hit the Shift+Delete button. When you realize your mistake, you search for the file in each drive but to no effect. It strikes you then that if you had kept the display delete confirmation message activated, you would not have faced this trouble at all. However, you need not panic, because you can use File Recovery tool to restore all your deleted files.

Some of the advantages of activating display delete confirmation are-

  • It will prevent you from deleting files accidentally
  • Although deactivating the message helps you save time but activating will stop you from deleting important files.
  • New users get a warning message and thus, they can avoid losing an important file by hitting the delete button unknowingly.
  • If you don't know what you are doing then it is always recommended to keep the dialog box activated because this will prevent data loss

Files deleted using Shift+Delete keys get permanently deleted bypassing the recycle bin. But that does not mean you can`t recover them. You can restore all your deleted files from the system hard drive after downloading Remo Recover Software - (Basic Edition). Install the software in your system and select 'Recover Files'. Now go to 'Recover Deleted Files' and click next. Select a drive and start the scanning process. Once it gets completed, it will show a list of deleted files. If you are satisfied with the result, you can buy the complete version of this software online. Follow the same procedure and finally choose the files you need and save the recovery session.

Extra Info: If you have lost your photos, videos, and other media files from your storage medium, then use Remo Recover to easily restore digital media files in a short while.

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