Memory Chip File Recovery

Accidentally formatted my Memory Chip!! How to rescue files?

Just Chill, this is an common problem; most of us have encountered such instances while dealing with the memory chips. When such data loss incidents happen, there is a misconception that all your files will be gone permanently. Relax!! That’s not true; your files still reside in memory chip!! Adding more pictures or using the memory chip again after formatting will result in permanent loss. Do not make this mistake. Even though adding data to your memory chip after data loss does not actually erase all of the previous contents but it will undoubtedly replace some of your files. This will vanish away all chances of recovery.

Hence, in such situations STOP using the memory chip first and try recovering the lost files. But, how to restore files from memory chip is that so simple? Recovering the lost files might not be so simple but it’s not impossible. Remo Recover software is the perfect solution to restore all your files back from the memory chips that with high accuracy.

Is formatting the only reason for losing memory chip files?

No, formatting is one among the many reasons for memory chip file loss! There are many situations in which you might lose your memory chip files. Among them some of the commonly encountered reasons are as listed below:

  • File System corruption: File system on your memory chip might get corrupt as a result of improper data transfer or improper modification of file types, making your files inaccessible.
  • Human errors: Deletion of files by mistake or intentionally thinking them as unwanted while using the memory chip on a device like camera or mobile phones or when connected to the computer results in loss of data.
  • Virus Attack: Virus infection to your memory chip logically corrupts the chip as a result you may encounter format errors which does not allows you to use a chip without formatting it.
  • Additional Reasons: Improper system shutdown or instant power failure during file transfer between your memory chip and computer, capturing pics while your device battery is low etc. causes loss of files.

In all these situations you will lose files from your memory chip. Nevertheless this efficient Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) tool can easily get all your lost files back within a couple of minutes.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) features:

No matter what the situation behind the loss, this advantageous utility Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) effortlessly scans your entire memory chip and extracts all your files from it. More features about the software:

  • Easily restores all your lost or deleted files without corrupting or damaging the files
  • Can recover files of any type including images, music files, videos and even the RAW images with just few clicks
  • Even if you have lost data from SD cards, memory cards, SDHC cards, compact cards, XD cards, or other storage devices, this tool works efficiently to get your files back
  • Supports recovery from all brands of memory chips like Kingston, Transcend, Sony, HP and many more
  • Compatible on all available versions of Windows and Mac OS

Added skills of Remo Recover:With the help of Remo Recover software, you can even extract pictures from Transcend SDHC card effortlessly and accurately. Utilize the given link for more information.

Why should user prefer Remo Recover?

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a brilliant utility that can restore all your files smoothly without any hitches. To make your file recovery comfortable and livelier, the utility is equipped with highly interactive and user-friendly interface with onscreen instructions to perform the recovery.

  • Metro-styled GUI ensures recovery on Touch-enabled devices
  • 24x7 free technical support available
  • Digitally signed to ensure 100% safety from all threats
  • Allows you to save the recovered files on any storage device that too in a compressed format
  • Free preview of the restored files with evaluation copy

How to use Remo Recover software?

Connect the memory chip to your system via card reader or USB cable. Now download the Remo Photo Recovery software on your Windows or Mac machines to which the memory chip is connected and follow the instructions below:

Note: Before starting the process, make sure you login as administrator and ensure you download the tool on a healthy drive.

  • Launch the utility and select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen
  • From the consecutive screen, choose a perfect option accordingly
  • Choose the drive representing memory chip and initiate the scanning process by hitting “Next”
  • Once the scanning is done, preview the files to select the required ones for saving
  • Now, save the selected files on any healthy device of your choice


While saving the recovered files make sure you opt a healthy device or drive that is free from all kinds of threats and errors. Do not use the same drive or device from where you recovered files.

Now user can easily recover files after quick format of flash drives with the help of Remo Recover tool. Learn more by visiting given link.

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