Restore lost media files from Samsung MY-MP200 player

Everybody loves listening to songs, be it old or young. After a day’s hard work it works as soothener and gives you a peace of mind which helps you to get ready for the next day. You also have the habit of listening to songs in your Samsung MY-MP200 after coming back from your office. One day while relaxing and listening to your favorite numbers instead of clicking back button you suddenly pressed the eject button. Thinking it to be a small mistake you try to put the card back again. But alas! You corrupted your smart card and ruined everything. The entire mp3 media files got lost. You try clicking the play button again and again but of no use. What next? Will pondering over the loss bring the files back? Or are you planning to look for the lost files again on the net again? Remember it’s just a waste of time and energy. Download Remo Recovery Software and restore them back in no time.

Samsung MY-MP200 player is a portable mp3 player used by most of you. Samsung’s excellent sound quality and stylish body makes people go for it. It has got a memory size of 5.11 Mb and supports windows operating system. When you buy this device you will be getting accessories like a parallel cable, ear phone, recording protect slider, CD ROM and a smart card particularly made for this gadget. The smart card is also available in 16 MB and 32MB only for this product in the market.

Ejecting a smart card without turning it off can lead to heavy loss of files either due to file corruption or file system corruption. Files once corrupted may not be accessible to you but they are lying somewhere in the card itself. All you need to do is that download the software and easily pull out those lost .mp3 files.

  • Connect the smart card to your system
  • Install the Remo Recovery Software and click ‘Yes’ to run the session
  • Select ‘Recover Photos’
  • Now go to ‘Recover Lost Photos’ out of the given options
  • Click the drive from where you need to restore the files
  • When the scanning process gets over it will give you a list of file types lost
  • Select the files and save the recovery session if you want
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Safe and Secure
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