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Missing Files Recovery on Windows Vista

How to restore missing files on Windows Vista?

Oh No!! My valuable files stored on Windows Vista are missing. Could not find them even in my Recycle Bin also. How can I get them back?If you are stuck with the similar or same problems then don't worry, you are lucky and hence landed on the right page.

Losing files from Vista computers is not a rare issue. It's a common issue, and is not lost at all. Actually, your files are still in your Windows systems. They are just inaccessible and can be easily recovered. The pointer used for accessing these files will only be missing or lost, but not your files. You can easily restore files within few minutes with the help of the best recovery software. Remo Recover is the only solution that could help you to restore missing files Windows Vista.

Scenarios for losing files:

There are many reasons in which your files might go missing. May be you have deleted all your vital files unknowingly while deleting the unused files to clean up your hard drive. That is instead of deleting the unused files; you might have deleted your vital files. If you have applied "Shift+ Delete", then all your files will bypass the recycle bin, thus your files will go missing from your Recycle Bin also. Even if your Recycle Bin memory is full; the files will not be your Recycle bin.

Also sometimes, running your anti-virus software will also result in loss of files on your Windows Vista. Yes, if your vital files are infected by virus then the antivirus software will delete these files from your system. And due to your Vista file system corruption or improper removal of external device etc. your Vista files go missing.

Features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is an excellent tool that can easily restore all your files missing form your Windows Vista machines. It is result-oriented software and doesn't depend on the reason behind the loss. Below described are few of the features of Remo Recover:

  • Can successfully recover any type of files missing form your Vista system such as images, videos, songs, PDF files, PPT, ZIP and many others
  • Support recovery if missing files form any storage device on your Vista systems, it can be your hard drive, external hard drives, USB devices, flash memory cards and many more
  • Able to restore your files and identify each and every type of the files even after recovery with their unique file signatures
  • Supports recovery of files from your FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 etc. partitions
  • Best utility to retrieve erased files from Windows 7 and even it is compatible on Windows XP, Windows 8 etc.

Advanced features of Remo:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is an excellent tool that facilitates user-friendly and comfortable recovery process. Moreover, it is a do-it yourself program which enables you to perform recovery. Its interactive GUI and user-friendly interface all assist you in successful recovery. It is a safe and secure tool, which is free from all types of malware and virus infections. Also it offers you free demo version that assists you evaluating the chances of recovery before purchasing the tool. Also, one can easily save all the recovered files on any storage device like CDs / DVDs.

Steps for recovering your Missing files on Windows Vista

Step 1: Download Remo recover software and install it on your Windows Vista system
Step 2: Launch the tool and select "Recover Files" option from the main screen
Step 3: Choose the drive form where you need to recover files
Step 4: Now the software scans the drive, after completion, it displays the recovered files list either in "File Type view" or "Data view"
Step5: Preview each file using "Preview"option
Step 6: Save all the selected files at any location of your choice

Additional Info: Sometimes, your files are lost from Windows system when you accidentally format a partition or drive. Under such a situation, make use of Remo Recover software to restore files after format in just a short while.

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