Steps to restore Outlook backup file

"If you are wondering how to create restore point for your Outlook profile, then you are at the right place. Download and use Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate tool to backup and restore your entire Outlook account in few simple steps. By using Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate tool, You can safeguard all your Outlook personal settings and attributes from an unexpected Outlook crash"

We all are familiar with restoring your computer to a particular date to revoke any virus attacks or damage done to the operating system.

Be it to recover deleted mails, undo a few settings, and revert the corruption or to get rid of virus: whatever reasons you might have to restore your Outlook, this article shall play a vital role in catering the safest and simplest way to restore your Outlook files.

It is to be noted that you can only restore Outlook from a backup file. Hence we begin by understanding the essence of backup.

What are the advantages of having a backup and restore software?

If your Outlook happens to crash out of the blue and you lose your contacts or a few important mails you can restore Outlook to its previous state from a backup. Problems like hard drive failure, pst file corruption, data loss, accidental deletion are no longer a concern now.

A regular backup might not be fruitful and serve the purpose of restoring as the backup file once restored might miss out on essential profile information like customized settings, contacts etc. As designed Outlook OST file cannot be backed up and migrated.

All these hurdles call for a backup and restore software which solves all these problems easily. Use Remo Outlook backup and migrate to restore Outlook backup file and let nothing stop you.

Which is the best software to restore Outlook?

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate can prove to be exceptional in times of crisis. By choosing from two different kinds of backups namely smart and advance backup, you can create customized restore points to revert specific changes to attributes in your Outlook profile. Refer the following link on how to backup Outlook.

remo home screen

Other features include:

  • Inbuilt auto backup: Scheduling automatic backup of Outlook without any difficulty.
  • Restore all the attributes: This smart utility brings back all Outlook emails and other attributes like task manager, note taking, contact manager, web browsing, calendar, settings, RSS feeds, signature and many more.
  • Security: To avoid misuse of your Outlook backup file, encrypt the file with your password
  • Unlimited restore points: with a contingency plan you can create a number of customized restore points to restore specific properties of your Outlook data file.

How to restore your Outlook swift and easy?

  • Choose the backup file according to the date or state of your Outlook
  • remo restore home screen
  • Select specific Outlook items you want to restore and click on next
  • remo restore home screen
  • You shall see the progress screen with status in percentage
  • remo restore home screen
  • Once you see the restoration completed successfully message, all your desired changes are applied to your Outlook.
  • remo restore home screen
  • Click on view report to check the specific log information of the restore process and click on finish.
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