How to restore iPhone contacts?

Apple products are thriving everywhere and people are using iPhone more than ever. You keep your important contacts, messages, address book locked away in that tiny machine. But what to do when iPhone device breaks or is lost? (Or) When you have updated your device and lost all your contacts in the process? (Or) lost your iPhone contacts due to any unforeseen reason? Well read on to find out on how to solve the problem!

It’s never fun to lose your important contacts from your iPhone Smartphone, it may be multiple contacts or even an entire address book. If you find yourself in this situation where you lost contacts from your iPhone, then you must try to restore it. You can often get them back by performing variety of tricks. Just follow the below methods to regain iPhone contacts

Method 1: Regain iPhone Contacts from iTunes

If you have synchronized your iPhone using iTunes, then this method will help you regain iPhone Contacts from iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone and open iTunes
  • Wait until your iPhone is detected
  • Right-click on your iPhone icon and choose “Restore from Backup”
  • If you have recently synced iPhone with iTunes or backed up iPhone data via iTunes, you will have several backup entries to choose from. Select the latest backup entry and click “Restore”
  • After the restore is complete, you would have recovered iPhone Contacts

Warning: However, restoring iPhone contacts via iTunes deletes many media tracks existing on your iPhone and also overwrites contents on the iPhone.

Method 2: Restore iPhone Contacts from Cloud

If you regularly backup iPhone Contacts to Cloud, then this method will help you extract iPhone Contacts from Cloud Backup File.

  • Make sure your iPhone device is connected to your local network
  • Begin the restore from iCloud backup
  • Allow the devices settings to restore iPhone Contacts from Backup File
  • As the apps starts to restore, pull the connection to your router wan port -> Wait for the time out confirmation
  • Navigate to settings > iCloud and turn off contact synchronizing (keep contacts when prompted).
  • Reconnect the router to internet and allow the restore process to get complete.

However, the above mentioned methods are slow and complex. Hence, if you want to restore iPhone contacts more quickly, use a reliable third party iOS application like “Remo MORE”.

Method 3: Restoring iPhone Contacts using Remo MORE Backup File

You can make use of “Remo MORE” iOS application to easily restore iPhone contacts from Backup file. This is a wonderful utility, using which people can restore their iPhone address book in just a couple of minutes. More to this, the tool also helps in backing up existing iPhone contacts and emailing them in VCF format. Furthermore, it is compatible to run on all latest iOS Phone and Tablets.

Procedure to restore iPhone contacts using Remo MORE tool:

  1. As soon as you launch this application on your iPhone the main window will pop up from which you need to select the option of "Recover" as shown in the Image 1.
  2. After choosing Recover option you will get one more screen from which this time you need to select "Contacts Restore" as shown in the Image 2.
  3. Once you click on this, MORE software will begin restoring all your iPhone contacts.
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Safe and Secure
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