Lost partition recovery from Samsung NP305E4A-S01IN Netbook

Your memorable photos are your priceless possessions. Come what may, you would never let it go. You have frozen it in your Samsung NP305E4A-S01IN Netbook. Given the importance of these photos to you, you strongly feel the need to have a back up. And what can be a better place, than your external hard drive? You can dedicate one external drive for your photos, and store unlimited photos in it. So, you connect your external hard drive to your netbook, and start transferring your photos. By a stroke of misfortune, power surge takes place before the transfer gets over and the partition disappears. You are doomed to sorrow. What will happen to your prized photos? Calm down, your partition is still there in hard drive. You can recover it along with your photos using partition recovery software.

You are scared now what has happened to your Samsung NP305E4A-S01IN Netbook, which has the configuration that you have wanted. It comes with built in AMD Quad-Core Accelerated Processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, anti reflective LED Display with 14.0" screen. It supports 64-bit processor. It comprises of 3 watts stereo speakers. Its 6-cell battery helps you use your laptop for 4 hours continuously. Over all it is your good companion for any kind of work or entertainment. Nothing has happened to your laptop. You just need to recover your partitions.

Steps to recover data using Remo Recover

  • Download and Install Remo Recover software on your computer
  • Select Recover Partitions
  • Next select the drive from where you want to retrieve data from computer and click on Scan to begin the scanning process
  • You can keep track of scanning process through the progress bar
  • Recovered files can be viewed in two view i.e. Data View or File Type View
  • An option called Preview allows you to view the restored data before storing it.


Be careful from now on to reduce the chances of partition loss. Your time is very precious so take some precautions. Do not let dirt to enter into the parts of your system. This may lead to OS corruption, which could be one of the reasons for partition loss. Never shut down your system abruptly to avoid power surges. Use powerful and updated anti-virus to detect and remove boot sector viruses. Like this, you need to take care of your Samsung NP305E4A-S01IN Netbook. It is more of a friend than an electronic device.


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