How To Recover ASF Files?

Updated August 03, 2022

Advanced Systems Formats or also known as ASF files are quite complicated to recover manually,, in this article we have provided a effective way to retrive ASF files. With the help of Remo Recover software you can easily recover lost or deleted ASF files. All you need is to download the tool and scan your drives, this tool can help you recover deleted ASF files in no time. This can also help you recover more than 300 types of files with precision. Download and try the tool for free now.

What Are ASF Files?

ASF which is abbreviated as- advanced systems format is fie format developed by Mirosoft used to store and stream audio and video data on media files.

Can I Recover Deleted ASF files?

Yes you can recover lost or deleted ASF files with the help of a professional file recovery software. The accidentally deleted ASF files will still reside on your drive and can be recovered easily if you immediately stop using the drive on which you have deleted ASF files.

Recover Advanced System Format (.ASF) Files With Remo:

Remo File Recovery Software helps you to to recover deleted or lost ASF files from multiple storage devices like hard disk, memory cards, USB drives etc. safe. The tool first scans the storage drive to find and recover ASF files very effectively. If you have deleted your photos by formatting the drive or lost it due to corruption, utilize the Deep Scan feature as this feature is capable of recovering ASF files even when the location pointers are not available. When location pointers are not available, it becomes difficult for a normal photo recovery tool to recover such files.

review of a happy customer who was able to successfully get back his media files withi the help of Remo Recover

Steps to Recover ASF Files?

Download Remo Recover Windows software and install it and launch on your computer. If you have to recover ASF files from external storage medium, then connect it to the system.

  • Step 1: On the main screen, Select the drive from where you have to retrieve ASF files and hit on Scan for the scanning process to begin.
  • launch the tool to recover deleted or lost asf files

  • Step 2: During the scanning process, click on the Dynamic Recovery View option to view the recovery the ASF files.
  • click on the dynamic recovery view button to view the recovered asf files

  • Step 3: Once the scanning is complete, the recovered will be shown in the Deleted Files folder, or If the data required data is not found then you can search is Lost and found Files folder or Lost Partition folder.
  • the tool will display the list of recovered files from the drive

  • Step 4: Finally, Preview the recovered ASF files by double clicking on it and click on Recover button to save the recovered video in the desired location.
  • preview the recovered asf files and click on recover button to save them

Note: Once you preview it, one can download recovered .asf photo files by purchasing the licensed version.

How Do You Lose ASF Files?

  • Deleting ASF files accidentally using Shift Delete command
  • Formatting the drive in which ASF files are stored
  • Losing ASF files while transferring them from one storage medium to another
  • Sudden removal of storage device from the system when files are in transfer
  • ASF files getting deleted by third party tools


With the above-mentioned method, you should have recovered ASF format files. However, if you are having any difficulty during the photo recover process, get in touch with the technical support team as they will guide you through the process.

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