Retrieve data lost due to resizing Seagate Goflex Pro partition

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You must be very possessive about your external hard drive because it stores files that are both important and dear to you.  With a separate partition for storing videos, music and photos, you have personalized it much to your liking. But with new downloads you keep adding new files to your partitions. One day you discover one partition has little space compared to another which still has plenty of space in it. You feel that if you change the partition sizes then you can get some extra space for the almost filled partition. You resize the partitions but after opening the nearly filled one you find data missing.

This is a situation in which you have never been before and just have no idea on what to do. Losing all important data has left you miserable. With no answers to questions like: Why has it happened to me? Can I rescue my lost data? How to go about?, you will slowly find yourself sinking into depression.

There is no need to get anxious because you can get back your data with the help of data recovery software. The solution to your problem lies with applications like Remo Recover Software. This software guides you to recover your data from the external hard drive with simple steps. It is compatible with almost all operating systems.

The Seagate Goflex Pro Ultra-Portable Drive is a high performance external hard drive. It has a premium styling appearance and advanced features to ensure complete data protection. It is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0. it also comes preloaded with automatic backup and encryption software. The file transfer speed is 40% faster makes working with this storage device a smooth and easy going affair.

As mentioned earlier there are very few simple steps to retrieve your lost data from external hard drive. Remo Recover (Windows)-Pro Edition software will recover all your lost or deleted data from your resized partition. Open the Remo software website and select the products tab. Download and install “Remo Recover software in your computer. Open the software and choose the “Recover Partition/Drives”, and select the “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. Select the partition from where you lost the data and click on “Next”. Select the file types which you want to retrieve from the categories list and click “Next”. Select the files which you want to save from the recovered files. To save the selected file choose CD/DVD or select the different partition.


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