Recover Lost Movie Files from Seagate Slim Portable Drive 500 GB

If you are a movie buff, collecting movies must be an undying passion. And the safest storage device arguably, is an external hard drive like Seagate Slim Portable Drive devoted exclusively to storing movies. With it, you can boast of a mobile movie library. But how safe are your .mov files or .mp4 files in your external hard drive? Apparently, they are very safe. And that’s because you haven’t encountered any unexpected problems. What if one day you connect your drive to a player only to be asked to format the drive? To say the least, you’ll go mad! Now that you know something like this can happen, don’t panic if it actually does. And that’s because your lost movie files are retrievable. You can recover them with the help of data recovery software.

Seagate Slim Portable Drive 500 GB software has adequate space to help you store plenty of movies. Its sleek appearance, upgradable interface, and flexible backup make it ideal for storing your mp4 files. You can also make your pick from other Seagate models that can go up to I TB.

Your lost movie files are actually not lost from your hard drive. They are said to be lost because they are not traceable to the file system. When a third party application is let loose, it goes about looking for these orphan files, and identifies them on the basis of header and footer, which is unique to every file type. Once the files are located they are pulled out of their hideout.

Remo Recover is advanced media file recovery software compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. It can recover several types of media files from varied models of professional camcorders such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. The software is easy-to-use and fast. Once you install the software, you can retrieve your lost mov or mp4 files with a few clicks.

How to avoid loss of video files

  • Be careful while deleting files. Video files may be deleted when you accidentally press "Deleted All" button
  • Be careful while formatting. Media files may get lost from your external hard disk when you accidentally format your hard drive partition
  • Don’t switch off power abruptly while transferring video files


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