Retrieve video files from Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo

You have a plan to upload your brother’s marriage clippings on to Facebook to share those happy moments with friends and family members. So you inserted your Sony MS-HX16B Memory Stick in the Card reader and connected to the laptop. You realize it is taking too much time to transfer and you don’t understand what is going on? Why it is taking too long to copy? Then you stop the copying, disconnect the Card reader, and reinsert it to the laptop and try to open the memory stick. To your utter dismay, no files are shown. Suddenly you are completely taken over by a state of absolute depression. You rack your head thinking what’s wrong with your memory stick. Your next thought would be “what should I do now? Can I get back my video files?

Yes, of course there is a way to recover your lost .avi files by using data recovery software. The best option is to choose Remo software. It is reliable, cost effective and easy to use data recovery application.

Sony MS-HX16B Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo can be used to save all your pictures and video files. The card is designed for high speed data transfer. It is the best solution for storing and sharing of videos and photos on your compatible cameras. It provides you read speed which is nearly 30 MB per second and Write speed up to 20MB per second. These features help one have a rich user experience.

You need to follow the procedure given below to recover lost avi, mp4 or mov files from your memory stick.

Open the Remo software website and click on products tab. Select Remo Recover (Windows) - Media edition, and download the software and install it in your laptop. Then select the “Recover Photos”, and select “Recover Lost Photos”, select the memory stick drive from where you lost video files. Then select the file types from the given categories you want to recover. Click on the “Next” button. It starts scanning for the selected types of files and you find a list of the lost files. Choose the lost files you want to recover. Select a different drive to save the recovered files.


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