Retrieve Photos from XD Card

Recovering Photos from XD Card

Have you lost very precious photos from XD card after formatting it accidentally? Do you really need them back? Then no need to worry at all, you can easily restore with the assistance of Remo Recover application.

What will happen after formatting XD card?

The overall data stored on it will erase and create new memory location to store data freshly. However, erased data remains in XD memory card only until and unless data overwritten process happens. But you cannot able to see or access those formatted data.

Why user formats XD card?

  • When XD card is attacked by virus and malware threats
  • To delete all junk and hidden files completely
  • When memory card is inaccessible
  • When XD card file system is corrupted

What are other reasons behind loss of photos from XD card?

  • Accidentally deleting photos while previewing them
  • Interrupting file transfer process by ejecting connected card abruptly

Whatever reason behind losing it from XD card you can restore pictures easily with utilize this Remo Recover application in an efficient way. This Remo Recover photo recovery application recovers all types of photos from XD card such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc. In addition, it supports recovery of photos from various types of memory cards, USB drives, external hard disk, etc on both Windows and Mac systems.

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Other advantages of Remo Recover application

  • User friendly application
  • Easy to use
  • All steps are descriptive in nature
  • Provides free technical support
  • Read only application thus does not damage your system as well as card

Note: After formatting XD card do not use it if you wish to restore lost photos. Because using that card for storing data or for transferring purpose will results in data overwritten. Due to this, you will loss all photos permanently beyond recovery.

Guidelines to recovering photos from XD card using Remo Recover application

Initially connect your XD card to system or laptop where you wish to carry out recovery process. Next download Remo Recover application and install on the system successfully. Launch the application and begin recovery process by following given instructions on each step carefully. Choose Recover Photos aoption based on scenarios you have faced in losing photos from XD card. Then, specify the memory card from where you wish to recover photos. Next application performs recovery process and you wait until this process completes. Finally displays all recovered photos and you can preview them using Preview option given in application.

Note: In demo version of Remo Recover application, just you can test capability of recovering photos from XD card but it does not allow you to save them.  If you are satisfied with results obtained in demo version then buy license version to save all restored photos to storage devices.

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Go through below given video to learn recovery process in detail

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