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5 stars

30 November 2018

  Excellent app finds actual duplicates most search just by the same name which dose not get them all, but the remo app searchs for pictures that is exactly the same and photos that are similar they have their own unique tab for exacts and similar love the app and would recommend it to everyone and anyone speeds vary tho by how strong your phone is and how many duplicates you have


5 stars

25 November 2018

  The support team was very quick to help resolve the issue I had with the app. Thank you!

Andrew Cooper

5 stars

02 December 2017

  After trying several applications with 4 to 5 star rating but no star results, in fact after running several scans that showed no duplicates I opened my photo library and found not one but several photos which were exact replicates. The Remo ran one scan and my library decreased from over five-hundred to half that. In addition the support staff were ready, available, knowledgeable and courteous. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Mr. Tim White. P.S. the available space has increased as well. Thanks for your competence and for a superior product, keep up the good work. P.S. If you’re interested in hiring a retired veteran and teacher and have work from home positions available I’m your man.

Jason Sumibcay

5 stars

13 September 2017

  I have been looking for a good photo duplicate finder. Well I found a \"great\" duplicate photo finder. It does just what I wanted, finds and shows photos and easy removal of the duplicates. You could not have made it any easier. Super Great Program!

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