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John Dubil

5 stars

22 April 2021

  Can’t say enough good things about the support behind this software. Great innovative solution with caring people backing it up. Thank you!

Joelynne Ball

5 stars

07 April 2021

  I accidentally deleted a very important video file from the internal memory of my Sony HandyCam that would have resulted in me needing to take a ten hour (round-trip) drive to re-record the video. The gas money, hotel, plus aligning the schedules of everyone who was involved, it would have been a difficult task to pull off. I was under a timeline and needed to have that video available to me as soon as possible. I searched for how to recover a deleted file on my HandyCam and found Remo Software. I read reviews on it and decided it was worth a try, before packing my bags to make the drive to redo the video. The purchasing and download of the Remo product was simple and straightforward. I am not particularly tech savvy, and I struggled with what to do after I got the software downloaded. I reached out to the Remo support team and after a few emails back and forth, I was able to successfully recover the video file! I am SO grateful to the support team at Remo and for the wonderful product. It truly was a project saver. Many thanks, Joelynne Ball

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