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Fred Dubrovsky

5 stars

30 March 2021

  I have installed Remo outlook backup and restore in 2021. Previously in 2018 I also had installed it to migrated outlook from windows 7 to windows10 without any issues. I found in both cases software and support very reliable. I recommend installing outlook backup and restoring without hesitation.

Ben DeYoung

5 stars

19 March 2021

  The tech support is amazing. They were able to help me out with an older version of a backup. They got it restored in a minimal amount of time. The software was great and worked as advertised.


5 stars

01 October 2020

  I recently purchased a new PC and needed to transfer Outlook form old to new. This was not an easy task with a few thousand historical emails that I needed to retain and 3 active email addresses. Somewhat cautious, I went ahead with the Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate software. I needed have worried, the transfer was easy and there was no loss of data whatsoever. Highly recommended. Gary

John T. Billington

5 stars

30 September 2020

  I used Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate to transfer emails from a very old computer using Outlook 2003 to a brand new computer using Outlook 2019. It worked flawlessly and saved me a huge amount of time. I was so happy with this product; I wish I had known about it sooner!

Ishrath Abdulkhader

5 stars

13 September 2020

  Initially I was not sure if it will work, but gave it a try as I had many years of experience and the hassle involved in move large datasets of outlook to a new PC or laptops. This software saved me all the mental pressure and stress, if you select right setting, it does everything for you.


5 stars

27 August 2020

  We had a 7 GB PST with errors and the Outlook-repairprogram couldn't fix it. So we were really in need of a better solution. With REMO-Repair in standard-scan-mode the emails itself were fixed nicely, but all attachments turned up empty or unreadable. So we were advised to do another run in the smart-scan-mode, and now all attachments have magically returned and are usable as if nothing ever happened! This software really did what it promises...!


5 stars

07 August 2020

  Excellent product, excellent support

Robert Y.

5 stars

07 August 2020

  Excellent product excellent support. I was a previous user of ABF Outlook Backup, Remo Outlook Backup by far is the better product and their support is superior compared to no support from ABF.


5 stars

06 August 2020

  Remo Software was the perfect tool to recover our lost emails. They worked professionally and efficiently, providing outstanding customer service, not resting until we were fully satisfied. It was a true pleasure to work with them!

Scott Wilson

5 stars

02 August 2020

  Great product. Works as advertised.


5 stars

08 November 2019

  I purchased Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate software to copy a PST file from an Outlook 7 computer to an Outlook 13 computer. I had a couple of questions and called their support phone number. The response was immediate and the tech I spoke with answered my questions in a clear and concise manner. The backup and migrate process took less than 5 minutes and the results were 100% perfect. This is a terrific program to use when Outlook PST files need to be backed up or moved. I highly recommend REMO.


5 stars

05 November 2019

  I wanted to migrate from Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2013. Doing this manually (including emails, agenda, account settings etc.) seemed to be too complex for my liking. So I acquired Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate which promised to make it a one click procedure. And it did - in the end. At first go, Remo OB&M "saw" neither the installed Outlook 2007 nor the installed Outlook 2010. I reported this to Remo Support and they immediately took action with adapted versions to try out, and support by remote desktop. Apparently, the Remo support group worked 24 hours a day and stayed friendly and alart doing so.They did not stop until the problem was solved. OK, there may have been some error in Remo OB&M, but the support got it sorted oud fast and good. And that's what counts for me. Thanks guys!

Kevin Gibney

5 stars

20 March 2019

  Worked a treat transfering a troublesome PST file that was losing contacts when done manually between Outlook 2007/Windows 7 laptop over to Outlook 2016 on a Windows 10 PC. Very happy with the software and we will continue to use it going forward.

Doug Young

5 stars

20 February 2019

  The customer service I got when I had to reinstall Windows after a virus and therefore needed to reinstall Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate was outstanding. So much appreciated, thanks! This is an awesome product by the way.

R. H. Pigford

5 stars

04 December 2018

  I ran into problems when I tried to migrate my Outlook files from my older XP Pro machine to my new Win7 Pro machine. Somehow I screwed up the files on the XP Machine such that the BackUp, Migrate, Restore steps did not work for me. I had purchased the Pro version, but I was frustrated that I could not make it work. Remo Support was a Godsend. They spent at least an hour with me via Chat and figured out how both machines were not allowing the Remo software to work correctly, and they guided me on how to fix these problems in both of my machines. I finally made a good Backup of the XP machine, moved it to my Win7 machine, and successfully restored all my old Outlook files, folders, and settings installed correctly on my Win7 machine. Matt showed great patience and real care in helping me! I don\\\'t think I have ever been happier with software support from anyone else!

Paul Gunawan

5 stars

06 March 2018

  Good software...and most important is excellent online support.

John Sartoris

5 stars

08 February 2018

  Had a couple of hiccups with getting Outlook Backup and Migrate to activate on one of my computers but the support team was stellar in getting everything up and running. The software worked without a single hitch! Transferring Outlook from an old Windows 7 (with Outlook 2007) laptop to a new Windows 10 PC with Outlook 2010. After a solid week of trying to migrate the data manually and experiencing lost messages, lost contacts as well as problems with the profile data, I was ready to try this software. The transfer (a rather large 20Gb file) went through with absolutely no errors! THANK YOU.

Doug Young

5 stars

31 January 2018

  I had to contact Support over an issue. They were extremely helpful in getting my issue resolved quickly and with no fuss.

Markus Olivier

5 stars

27 September 2017

  A HUGE thank you to Tim & the team for an awesome service at 18h30 South African time recovering all my outlook settings & mails! Superstar software & superstar support! Well Done!

Chris Merani

5 stars

17 September 2017

  Much easier product than manually exporting PSF Files. Support through Chat was extremely fast and resolved my issue within minutes even on a Sunday night. Thank you!

Glenn Boese

5 stars

13 September 2017

  I followed your instructions and the program worked wonderfully and as advertised. I am very pleased with the result and now have my Outlook data on my new computer.

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