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Susan Polniaszek

5 stars

24 April 2018

  Once I was given the activation code I was able to download and apply the software to my SD memory card. We just returned from China and had accidentally deleted all photos from the card. I was able to recover all of them Thank you. Susan

Peter Charlesworth

5 stars

12 March 2018

  Outstanding product and service.


5 stars

06 March 2018

  I recovered more than 3 CF and SD cards with this software. Needed assistance, because I could not access because of iOS update, but in brief conversation via chat, solved my problem with all the attention and agility.


5 stars

21 February 2018

  What a life saver! I took pictures all day on vacation, and then by mistake, deleted the entire file on my SD card! Remo Media Recover for Mac brought back 30 Gigs of photos for me within minutes. BIG sigh of relief. Thanks for saving the day!


5 stars

18 January 2018

  Remo recover is great software which can help me to recover my files in a dead CF card !
when I insert the CF card to my iMac, said card error and suggest me to format, after I I used this software I and all files are found and now 99% are recovered!
highly recommended for all guys which their CF/SD card error!

Thomas Brown

5 stars

24 October 2017

  Needed an update and some guidance, since I had bought my Remo app back in 2012. The Remo team found my file and restored me -- five years after my purchase -- to an active state of protection. Software companies do not get any better than this! Bravo!

David Mould

5 stars

17 October 2017

  Fast and reactive, a rare thing these days in tech support, but what I got from Matt and Tim from the Remo team.. some of the issues were of my own making but regardless, they could not have been more helpful... I hope the recovery is as good as the support... time will tell... thanks, David

Marco Nuñez

5 stars

13 September 2017

  Remo team that helped resolving my issue have been awesome.  I was able to activate the program and I was able recover every image that I lost.  So I want to thank the Remo  team for that.  Sincerely, Marco Nuñez

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