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4 stars

09 September 2018

  I lost a heap of folders and files, disappeared from OneDrive and were critical to my work. Was so grateful to be able to retreive them. Support provided by the team was exceptional.

Dan Prov

5 stars

05 April 2018

  Excellent online support , very fast and efficient. Essential software that saved me several times when I thought I lost my files forever!

Marc Guilbault

5 stars

05 March 2018

  I just used the Professional Version for MAC to recover pictures that were lost from a professional photo shoot. The images were recovered and that saved us countless hours of work and a bad reputation and I cannot thank you enough! That is a great product and it is so easy to use!


5 stars

18 November 2017

  Every time I get in touch with support I have everything working. Thanks Tim and Remo team.

Dietmar Scheibe

5 stars

01 October 2017

  Hello, Good software, good service. If you need help, it's fast.

Troy Lindsey

5 stars

13 September 2017

  Remo recovery software has performed flawlessly allowing me to recover my extensive, 2000 plus, digital photo library lost due to a unintentionally reformatted hard drive, as well as 300 pictures from a faulty sd card removed from a trail camera. The software has proved its self to me more than once it was well worth the investment. I would definitely buy it again and would gladly recommend it to anyone.

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