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Frank Smalley

5 stars

21 June 2021

  I crashed a 5 Tb drive with 3.6 Tb of data on it and I was able to recover the data with your partition recovery software. It appears that it is about 90% recovered. I can accept that the 10% error rate was most likely due to my previous recovery attempts using other software. All the important files (mainly photos) were recovered, in fact it even recovered files that I had deleted prior to the disk crashing. I must really thank your team for your excellent after sales service, I could not have recovered my data without it.

August Lindsay

5 stars

15 April 2021

  I lost my .PST file and purchased Remo Recover Software in an attempt to recover my outlook PST file. I followed the instructions and was able to recover the missing file. Unfortunately a lot of the e-mails in the file were missing and as luck would have it, the important ones were gone. I figured oh well! A few days later I got an email from Remo Software asking how I liked their software. I told them my results. They then asked me to tell them how the file got lost, step by step on how I recovered the file and information about my computer and OS. They then gave me a suggestion on what to try. I tried it and got all my e-mails back. The issue was caused by my anti-virus software and they directed me on how to get the full file back. They went far beyond what I expected from them. That is what I call GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

G. van Wijk

5 stars

07 April 2021

  I unintentionally deleted my files on my microSD card, Remo software was able to recover them. With the standard version, it is possible to recover the files. There are sophisticated possibilities. I needed the professional edition to not only save the files, but also the important filenames. This program is a one-time buy (not a monthly subscription like easeUS) which is a great advantage.

Sondos Islam

5 stars

28 October 2020

  I had a problem activating because I did not receive an email confirmation with a license #, but when I reached out for help via email, Remo Support reached out to me promptly and I found out that I had mistyped my email address! all my issues were resolved immediately and I was able to recover my USB deleted files. I recommend Remo Software and their services. Thank you!

Margaret Fiorentino

5 stars

19 October 2020

  I was in a bind when my PST file was deleted from my C drive by accident. I found and purchased a basic version of Remo Software and their support team was excellent. Being a non-technical person, they provided clear guidance and were very patient and supportive throughout the file recovery process.

Alex Bueno Martin

5 stars

13 October 2020

  The software runs really well and the support is excellent.

Kayli Rainbow

5 stars

14 May 2018

  Initially thought I had been duped by the program as my activation code did not work. Contacted support and had a response within minutes who gave me my activation code in no time. Ran the program and found all my lost files. I am glad I got my files back. A very good product indeed thanks Remo!

David Thomas

5 stars

15 December 2017

  Firstly the product (REMO Recover) has been a god send, I lost all my essential files and folders. REMO has recovered them all, years and years of my work. It doesn[t get better than this, well yes it does I had trouble with the activation of the product. Got on the chat line with Nick and a few words later I was up and running. Thanks Guys and Girls.


5 stars

09 December 2017

  The operator TIM is able to help to resolve my issue and provided help beyond required. All my issues are resolved. Thank you TIM.

omri cohen

5 stars

31 October 2017

  wow i had a huge problem. i post a ticket to support team and in a very short time they help my fix the problem. great service and great product,save me many times.


4 stars

11 August 2017

  Remo Basic Edition helped me in recovering back all my precious documents...Thank you Remo!!!

Terry Oplinger

5 stars

09 August 2017

  Best $40 I’ve spent on tools this year! When a user lost files from the network share, we installed Remo RECOVER and within 15 minutes everything was found and restored. It was fast, easy, and well worth the investment. Thanks!

Jay Dandell

5 stars

09 August 2017

  Remo Recover retrieved all my broken and deleted files without missing a single one

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