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Emilio Gomez

5 stars

12 November 2019

  Service was excellent. Tim was very nice and knowledgeable Please keep working like this. Excellent service

Chad Watson

5 stars

12 September 2018

  One hell of a software. I tried another program that only found less than half of my photos. Greatly appreciated! Priceless! CMW

Mack Thompson

4 stars

16 April 2018

  Rocking experience!!! Media edition of their recovery app saved my family outing pictures from being lost forever…Happy buyer!!!

David Pakus

5 stars

12 February 2018

  Purchased Remo media version for my computer repair company. First time use and it worked flawlessly - I\'m VERY satisfied and the price was great. When the time came to activate to save the recovered files for a client, I was helped immediately by the Remo support team and within minutes was right back to business. 2 thumbs up - keep up the great work! I will definitely be recommending this software to my team members and friends.


5 stars

06 February 2018

  I like this software. It is useful for me..

Arfan Ali

5 stars

01 February 2018

  Just like to say this software was the best I could find on line. Did not understand how to use it at first so emailed the company and they helped me step by step. They will make sure your problem is sorted and more. They did remote access and recovered my lost files and it was quick and easy. Highly recommend them

ayanda mbotya

5 stars

24 January 2018

  remo recovery support honestly the best and extremely fast at resolving tech problems. hustle free.

Martin Falkenberg

4 stars

19 December 2017

  Great product. Seems very thorough. Easy to use and selecting which file types to recover. And big thanks to Tim for support :) Recovering 182 GB data

Colby Maynor

5 stars

14 December 2017

  Remo's got a rising star in Customer Support, and his name's Nick. When I reached out to Remo for help regarding my messed up register icon, Nick was quick to respond. He swiftly walked me through the steps and helped find a solution in a very concise and timely manner. I was so impressed by Nick's performance I initiated the request to leave a review. Nick being the humble guy he is, told me I need not mention his name, but only a few words about the product, because Nick is a regular guy just doing his job. I have yet to try the product but because of Nick's professionalism, there is no doubt in my mind the software will work splendidly, hence the 5 star review anyway. If not however, I'll be sure to once again contact the good people of Remo. And when I do, you already know who I'm asking for by name. Thanks Nick.

brian boyko

4 stars

15 November 2017

  the software was easy to install and implement. It captured all my missing music files from my ipod...many thanks


5 stars

27 October 2017

  I was using android smartphone camera for copying scientific charts and research results on the micro-SD-card inserted into the phone. Unfortunately, I have lost all the pictures from the memory card when trying to delete the information from the smartphone memory. By using REMO RECOVERY software on the micro-SD-card inserted into the PC, I was happy to retrieve all information and undamaged pictures, regaining all information. This software is an excellent tool compatible for recovery procedures on lost files. Above all, I obtained very precious information on handling retrieving problems by the support service team of REMO, who instantly responded to my request. Support evidently was efficient, very competent and distinctly identified my problem. Congratulations!


5 stars

16 October 2017

  Had a HD fail and when windows \"fixed\" it I had tons of missing files. Was able to recover loads of client graphic design work that would have taken days to remake. Tech help was speedy and got me up and running on my second PC after a small installation key error, but working great now.

George Likens

5 stars

30 September 2017

  An error occurred on my SD card while copying and pasting pictures to my computer, about half of the pictures made it and other half did not. I had read reviews that Remo Recover was a good product so I needed it and bought. I was not disappointed. It recovered all my pictures but put them in one Recovery file. I did not know how to get my pics from that file so I asked for help via email and received a quick response (within 24 hours). I am very satisfied with the company and product.

Alex Millne

5 stars

25 September 2017

  Absolutely amazing product!!! All my holiday photos have been recovered! EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Don't be fooled by the quality of photos with the "preview button\" that lets you view the images that have been recovered. In my opinion, the Images get recovered in the same condition as it was made. But of course this is not always the case apparently, but in my case, I was able to retrieve all my photos in perfect condition back again (even though the quality at first glance didn't look good in the preview button mode). So just as a warning... I first thought my photos wouldn't be retrieved in such superb condition back again, and yes I was wrong! They were all perfect! This product is amazing!

P Bijpost

5 stars

11 September 2017

  Long time after buying Remo Software-Recover4.0 - Media Edition in october 2013 I tried to install the packet again because I did\\\'nt need it for a long time. But after install and using my activation key the program said \\\"the activation key is invalid\\\".
So, I started a live chat with John from the Company and he resolved my problem in a few minute by sending me a new code. And it works again.
So, this is a great service.

Scott Arble

5 stars

11 August 2017

  I just want to say thanks for creating this software. My 13 year daughter deleted her photos on the phone by accident and did not have a backup. I loaded the software and was able to get the pictures back. I am the \"Best Dad ever\" at least for tonight. I did not get to see where I could leave a comment, but thanks for creating this product and making it easy to use

Noah Funderburg

4 stars

11 August 2017

  I just recovered 124 photos from an SD card that my camera, and computers said needed reformatting. Sure glad I bought this software instead. Now I have months worth of special memories back. I had a question about activation and sent an email to support. I couldn\'t believe that I received a real response from a real person within a minute. The advice solved my problem. I am impressed

Lynnette and Don

4 stars

11 August 2017

  and now I have retrieved the pictures and video!!! And saved them to my computer. Thank you so much!! I hope I don’t need your help soon, but I will recommend you to anyone that has this sort of problem

Chelsea Lothrop

5 stars

11 August 2017

  As a professional photographer, I have a computer full of folders with countless images that I tend to keep neat and easy to find. Accordingly, from time to time I delete images that I believe I will no longer need, but recently in one of those actions I lost 300 images which took me a week to shoot and edit. Fortunately, Remo Recover did a great job and recovered all of my photos!

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