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Jim Hawkes

5 stars

07 January 2019

  Got in a hurry and accidentally deleted some pictures off my camera flash card. Downloaded the software and ran the program. Easy interface. I got back the pictures. It was a major TIME SAVER for me. Product support was EXCELLENT! Highly recommended.

Gloria Kasse

5 stars

20 June 2018

  Very pleased with the product and excellent customer support. Very kind...and rapid response to any questions about the product...and willing to help all the resolve any inconvenience. Thanks

Michael Meagher

5 stars

11 June 2018

  We were so fortunate to of found this software. The support group made the process easier and we were able to recover lost pictures and documents with their help. After contacting Window support they told us it couldn\'t be done... Remo proved them wrong. Thanks

Gary Driscoll

5 stars

20 March 2018

  These guys are terrific and this software is GREAT. Performs as advertised and they go the extra mile to make sure it\'s complete!


5 stars

28 December 2017


Daniel Fernandes Do Nascimento

5 stars

19 October 2017

  The product works infact!!! The support is great and helpfull. Congratulations!!!


4 stars

18 October 2017

  Remo recovery support is the best ever, efficient and effective . Quick to respond precise and accurate solution . These guys never disappoint. THANK YOU REMO RECOVERY.

Frank Chen

5 stars

10 October 2017

  Responded my messages in no time. Very friendly and professional customer service. Solved my technical problem. Will definitely recommend my friends.

Francisco Sanchez

5 stars

04 September 2017

  Really Saved my Job! While working on a system, I had mistakenly deleted my official file which I have to send to my boss next day morning. But, it was a dark situation for me as I don’t know the solution for this. I made a call to my friend and got to know about this software. I followed his words and had easily recovered my data with the help of this software. Thanks


5 stars

25 August 2017

  best recover software in the world!!!!!!!!

Wim Bruggink

5 stars

11 August 2017

  I have 600 Gb of videos back thank to your REMO RECOVER PRO. Thanks, videos is my greatest hobby and I tell it to everyone. I tell it to some people but they don’t want believe it. That\'s Impossible they say. It is possible but they don’t believe me but I am happy with REMO RECOVER PRO.......Thank

Charl Marais

5 stars

11 August 2017

  Excellent product support and the Remo team were willing to spend a lot of time online providing support for the installation and recovery. It is rare to find a dedicated support team willing to do what ever is needed to get the job done. 12 out of 10 for effort and value for mone

James Lightfoot

4 stars

11 August 2017

  Unlike any other software provider, I am utterly surprised with not only the availability to talk with knowledgeable personnel but also the time/extent with which they gave to ensure that I will be able to see just how effective the Windows Recover Pro will be via the Trial version. As before, I cannot overstate how amazed I am that full & free tech support is available while running the unregistered version of Remo Recover. Regardless of how much of my 500GB+ of lost data is recovered, I can see the value of this software and will buy the Pro version for when, not if, this situation occurs again.

Vivian Grisogono

3 stars

11 August 2017

  I was really impressed that I received immediate responses when I contacted the help desk late in the evening, and again the following morning. The staff obviously knew what they were doing, and were also able to empathize with someone who was having difficulty mastering the details of the recovery programme. Well done to all! I will certainly recommend your services to anyone unlucky enough to lose precious data, as I did. It is a wonderful relief to have been able to recover it all safely. Thank you!

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