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Todd Stanton

5 stars

04 February 2019

  Great help! Quick support. and the software works wonderful.

Emmanuel Jespers

5 stars

14 October 2017

  Thanks a lot, Tim, for all what you did and your team to help recovering my files ! Only a part of them could be recovered, but you did your best. I really appreciate that. It’s good to have people like you around the world !


4 stars

23 August 2017

  $69 spent on Remo Repair AVI product is worth. This little application repaired my favorite AVI file that has been corrupted. I had lost my hope, but Remo helped me out. Thank you REMO.


5 stars

23 August 2017

  I was looking for the best video repair software or fixer available out there to fix some important videos I lost and later recovered. Remo AVI Repair worked just fine for me. Simple and easy to use. Great job!


4 stars

23 August 2017

  I am really impressed by the help provided by the Technical team. I successfully repaired my video file. Thank you all! I will recommend your product to anyone who is in need to repair AVI file, just like I did. Thanks once again!

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