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5 stars

28 January 2019

  Excellent product


5 stars

01 November 2018

  Had a really weird case where simple deletion of files caused a strange corruption of the video file header. Remo support staff helped out in solving the problem, very good support. Have perfectly repaired files now.

Bethany Petersen

5 stars

03 January 2018

  I wouldn\'t recommend any other company over Remo. I am a professional videographer and through some very unfortunate circumstances, some valuable wedding footage was corrupted. It was glitching and terrible quality. With the help of their tech engineers, they were able to write a special algorithm to recover the data in my footage. The bride and groom loved their video–and it is literally all because of Remo. I tried everything–every software that was recommended to me by other professionals and NONE of them were able to recover my footage. Except Remo. They are the best of the best.


5 stars

20 November 2017

  Our department has been using Remo Repair MOV since 2015 to help fix videos that come through corrupted. This software has yet to let us down. No matter the movie or format, Remo has been able to fix it. I HIGHLY recommend this software for anyone needing to fix those important, non-replaceable videos. It truly does work. Their customer service is Awesome as well.

JAA Films

5 stars

23 August 2017

  JAA Films is saying this to you with all sincerity from Nigeria, Remo Repair MOV and Remo Repair AVI is the best companion every video director and or editor needs. It works like magic, repairs all bad and corrupted video files


3 stars

23 August 2017

  My recorded MOV video wasn\'t playing on any media player. I had a tough time looking for a video repair software. My friend suggested to try Remo Repair MOV . And voila, i saw my solution! My video got fixed in few minutes.

Austin Joseph

4 stars

23 August 2017

  My 25th bday\'s video was corrupted and i badly wanted to fix it. I used Remo Repair MOV and it did not let me down. The tool made my video playable and really happy with the results.

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