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Melissa Moloney

5 stars

28 May 2018

  John, was extremely helpful, he examined the issue careful and did everything in his power to recover my word file which was badly corrupt. I am starting a new job tomorrow and needed this work to submit as my initial brief, without it I would have failed miserably. John understood the urgency and worked hard to resolve the the issue. John displayed excellent customer service skills, acted with urgency and empathy. *****

Ronald Bronke

5 stars

03 March 2018

  I\'m using this tool for several years now, easy to use and very reliable. Support is very fast, a response in minutes. I had some issues with activating the software after reinstalling my laptop. Fixed in a few minutes after contacting support.

Bettie Sutphin

5 stars

01 March 2018

  Great Help I\'m old and technologically challenged. When I contacted Remo, they went the extra mile to help me even though I didn\'t have the product code or any idea what the problem was. It only took a brief description of my problem and I had detailed instructions and my product code. The steps were easy and they worked! I really appreciate the great customer service.


5 stars

14 February 2018

  Really it is a very helpful product.

Lily Grace

2 stars

04 September 2017

  My important Word doc got corrupted, and I was unable to open it. Just when I was thinking that I need to redo the entire document again, my friend suggested me to try out Remo Repair Word. Oh my! The file got fixed in a few minutes and I was able to open it!!

Andrew Thomas

3 stars

04 September 2017

  I was editing my Word document but Word application suddenly stopped responding. When I tried to reopen it, i got an error message. I tried several software, but only Remo Repair Word one performed the best and repaired my document in few minutes.

Colin Todd

4 stars

04 September 2017

  Remo Repair Word tool fixed my Word document which got corrupted. The best Word repair tool I ever used, it repaired by Word file in few minutes and I got all my content back.

Keith Harris

4 stars

04 September 2017

  Remo Repair Word quickly fixed my Word file which was not showing content. I\'m really happy with the results, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to fix corrupt Word docs.

Elvis Joseph

4 stars

04 September 2017

  I had a Word file that fails to open. While tried to access, it said parts are missing or invalid. I tried several ways to open the file and Remo Repair Word tool did the job effortlessly. Thanks for the magic, WIZARD!!

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