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Larry Page

5 stars

28 September 2017

  Best Corrupt Files Repairing Software.


4 stars

11 September 2017

  Made the mistake of using another company\'s software to backup all my personal data in a single zip file archive. It supposedly verified the backups, even giving me reassuring reports, but the verification turned out to be bogus. Only when my computer drive failed did I discover that the backup software was writing corrupt zip files. So I bought Remo Zip Repair and was instantly able to recover 6,000 of my 10,000+ files. But it gets better. The Remo guys offered to use advanced techniques on my corrupted zip archive so I FTP\'d it to them. As I understand it, they were using my archive to test improvements to be incorporated into Remo Zip Repair. There was a lot of time spent communicating between us. Never had a software company spend so much time for me. Anyway, they finally were able to send me over 9,000 of my 10,000 files. This is a great company with excellent customer service/technical support.\" Thanks guys!

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