Why Safari is slow?

The search history holds information of all the websites that you have visited, temporary internet files, information you entered into Address bar and so on. Apart from web page tracking, browser can store data entered in a form or even passwords. Therefore, it becomes very important to remove the browsing history especially when you are utilizing computer in a public place. Now you may think that how to delete search history easily. Though there are an option in each browser to remove browser history, but it not sufficient to provide you complete protection of your private data. To achieve absolute privacy, you should use a third party application that can delete browsing history permanently as well as remove Address bar history, download history, cache, cookies etc. Remo MORE is on such application that combines all these facilities in a single click.

If you are using a computer in internet café or libraries, the person who will use that computer next can view those sites you have visited and can access your personal information that you have given. To stop this unauthorized access, you should remove all types of history from the browser. To carry out this operation quickly and successfully this application will be awesome solution. It will be very helpful and important also when you are performing some activities like shopping, internet banking etc. Even, if you are using a friend or colleague’s computer, you should use this application to be safe.

Majority of companies do not allow workers to use internet other than for official reason. If you are working on such companies that actively monitor the sites that you have visited during working hours, you need this helpful utility to remove history of illegal sites. You can bypass restrictions by clearing your browsing history and all other information that can be saved on your browser. Besides that, strangers can also log on to websites with the help of your username and password you provided last time and can access your personal information easily. In these instances, Remo MORE application can make you relaxed by removing complete history, cache, cookies and entire information that you have used.

In some cases, we prefer some websites and information about it is kept in a small file called cookies. To make internet surfing easier and fast, cookie keeps track on the movement of the user in a specific site. It helps to resume where you left off the site by remembering your registered login, preferences, theme selection and other customization data. You can remove all these information easily from browser using this software with ease. This application can be employed to delete search history from different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, safari etc. It supports all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system. Additionally, it does not need any professional knowledge to utilize this application and you can perform this operation in some few fingertips.

Easy steps to improve Safari browser performance:

  1. Download free edition of this software from this page & install it on your computer. Then run this application and select "Optimize" option from main window and select "Privacy Cleaner" option from the next as shown in Figure 1.
  2. On the next screen, select "Clean Browser Junk" option as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Now from the next screen select Safari browser and select the data you want to clear. Then click on Clean button as shown in Figure 3.
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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