Restoring Data from Samsung Hard Drive

Quickly recover deleted or lost data after formatting Samsung hard drive using Remo hard drive recovery software. You can even restore files from failed or crashed Samsung hard drives including other different brands of HDD.

Recover lost or deleted Samsung hard drive data

Samsung is one of the most renowned manufacturers of electronic gadgets across the world. Among many, Samsung hard drives are very popular storage device which allows you to store varieties of files irrespective of their file formats. But, sometimes there are chances of losing data from Samsung hard drive due to some known or unknown reasons.

Let us take an example wherein you want to transfer data from Samsung hard drive to other external storage device. But, operating system of your system is unable to identify the connected external drive. Since, it does not contain any important files you will format external device. During this process, you will accidentally click on C Drive of Samsung hard drive comprising vital data instead of D Drive where removable device was present. As a result, entire data available in C drive of Samsung hard drive will be erased.

Other reasons responsible for losing or deleting data from Samsung hard drive

  • Accidental Deletion: Unknowingly deleting important files instead of unwanted ones or using shift + delete key for deletion will make files to bypass Recycle Bin
  • Hard Drive Corruption: When Samsung hard drive gets corrupted due to increased number of bad sectors or error, it will not respond to any read and write operation. Hence, data present in it will become inaccessible
  • External Threats: If Samsung hard drive gets infected from external threats like harmful viruses, then it will damage entire structure due to which data available in drive cannot be accessed

After such incidents, you might conclude that data from formatted Samsung hard drive cannot be recovered back. However, it is possible to restore data from formatted drive using Remo Recover software.

Samsung hard drive recovery using Remo software:

Hard drive recovery software brought to you by Remo retrieve data from formatted, reformatted, partitioned, repartitioned, inaccessible Samsung hard drives in just few clicks. It’s a read only application, which will not modify original files. You can even recover hard drive contains bad sectors by creating exact replica of it using Create Disk image option provided by Remo Recover utility. In addition to this file recovery process after system restore is made easy with this application.

Also, along with samsung hard drive recovery, it also recovers Toshiba HDD, WD, Iomega, LaCi, etc.

Some more useful features of the software:

  • Supports recovery of files from hard drives that does not boot or fails to mount
  • Easily retrieve data from inaccessible partitions on Windows and Mac systems
  • Provides an option to add new file signatures (File Types) that are not mentioned in the list
  • Preview option of the software allows user to view recovered files before saving

Steps for Restoring Data from Samsung Hard Drive using Remo:

  • Download Remo Recover Software on your computer having Samsung hard drive
  • Install it and run the application by double clicking on the icon
  • In the main screen of the software, opt for “Recover Partitions / Drives”
  • Next choose either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”, based on your requirement
  • Then specify the appropriate drive / partition of your Samsung hard disk and specify the type of the file you wish to recover and click “Next” button to begin the scanning process
  • After completion of scanning process, it returns a list of found files, select the required ones
  • With the help of an option called “Preview”, view the files prior saving them
  • Finally specify the destination where you wish to store the recovered files

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