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I recently lost all from my data on my 8GB Sandisk Cruzer flash drive because my computer froze and I pulled out my flash (obviously without safely ejecting it) during the freeze. I had 8 GIGABYTES of pictures and school work on there that I will die If I can't get back!!! Please someone out there help me.”

Have you experienced any similar situation as this? Don’t be restless!! Such scenarios are common while working on a computer. Because of the silly mistakes committed by you or due to the failures in the software functioning, you have a tendency to lose your valuable data. However this can be handled in a modest manner, if you manage to take the backup of these files ahead of time. But most of them fail to achieve this and wind up in massive data loss condition. To help you in such conditions there are various data recovery software that offers a recovery from your SanDisk Cruzer flash drive. Although choosing the right and the best tool becomes a challenging task. This article makes your task easier by introducing you to Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool. You can simply download the software on your local computer and bring back your files within a short duration after you run it on your system.

What does Remo Recover actually do?

Remo Recover is a unique software designed specially for USB data revcovery. It is programmed well with highly efficient algorithm that can sweep through your SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive for the files and extract them for you. You can have a brief look on the features that this software offers in the later part of this article.

Some precautionary measures to be followed before recovery:

  • On encountering data deletion or loss, one must stop the use of the drive immediately
  • Never save the newly created files on the device from where you lost the files
  • Avoid copying of files to or from the device that has undergone a data loss

Captivating features provided in Remo Recover:

Preview: This is one of a prominent feature that a good recovery tool must and should contain. While using demo version this feature enables you to look at the file's content just to make sure that the files are not overwritten or there are no modifications done by this software on your files

Data View:  This option permits you to view the restored file in the form of its directory hierarchy. The recovered file will be displayed to you from its root to its leaf node

File Type View: If a user wishes to arrange the files based on file type, he can use this option. This feature arranges the file into folders with its corresponding file types. This makes your file access easier and faster

Find Tool: This feature offers customized search for those users who consumes a lot of time in searching for their file from the huge list of recovered data

Save Recovery Session: Users who wish to save the current scan session, can achieve it by using this option. It enables you to save your valuable time by avoiding rescan on next run

Operating system support: Remo Recover works on all latest Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and Mac version like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc.

Note: For perform Kingston pen drive recovery, visit here.

Steps to perform Recovery from the SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive:

Step 1: Perform a simple installation process on your computer after downloading the software on your local drive. Connect your SanDisk Cruzer flash drive to the system

Step 2: Launch the tool and click on “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the first screen.

Step 3: From the newly popup screen select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” or “Partition Recovery” based on the scenario which caused the loss of your files

Step 4: Next screen displays the list of drives from where you have to select your SanDisk Cruzer USB drive and click “Next”

Step 5: View the files from the recovered data list and preview them using the preview option provided

Step 6: After preview purchase the software online and save your files back to the system by giving a valid path

Suggestions that can avoid data loss from the SanDisk Cruzer flash drive:

  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option when ejecting external device from a system, after its use
  • Avoid using your cruzer on various operatings systems
  • Scan your device frequently using an updated and efficient antivirus program
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