Retrieve Files from SATA Drive

Quickly get back data from inaccessible, formatted / re-formatted SATA disk using Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software. Data recovery from various brands of SATA hard disk can be done in just few clicks.

SATA drive is a device which is extensively used in desktops, laptops and embedded applications to store files and folders. It provides high data rate transfer, reliability, reduced cable size and many more features. However like other drives, SATA drives too don’t give any assurance against data loss. At times, when you try to access SATA drives an error message may pop up on your screen stating “Do you need to format E: before you can use it? Do you want to format it?

This error message indicates that your drive is corrupted due to some unpredictable reasons. Unless you click on Format Disk option, you cannot access the drive. But the saddest part is that if you click format disk option then data stored in the drive will get completely erased.

Is this the only scenario that can cause data loss in SATA drives?

No!!! Apart from error messages, you might also face data loss situation due to other various reasons like accidentally formatting SATA drive, deleting files unknowingly, improper file system conversion, errors occurred while partitioning process and many others.

Now what can be done? Is it possible to recover data from SATA disk?

Above questions are likely to arise in your mind if you don’t have the habit of keeping backup copy. It is suggested that you should maintain extra copy of important files and folders, but you fail to so. As it is human nature that unless you encounter any disaster you won’t realize the importance of backup copy. However, you need not be sad as you can recover SATA drive data using Remo Hard Drive Recovery within fraction of minutes.

Recovering Files from SATA Drive using Remo Recover:

Remo Hard Drive recovery software recover format hard drive including corrupted, inaccessible drives. It also recovers files and folders that are deleted or missing from SATA disk. This tool also recovers data from RAID 5 in case, you accidently or intentionally delete data on RAID array or delete an existing partition. This utility supports recovery of data from drives with file systems HFS+, HFSX for Mac system and FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT for Windows system. It provides you with “Create Disk Image” option so that bad sectors present on SATA drives can be skipped. You can use this tool in any latest versions of Macintosh and Windows OS

Supported popular brands: Fujitsu, Transcend, Samsung, Hitachi, Western Digital, Seagate and many others

Other features of Remo Recover:

  • Identifies and rescues all types of files of around 300 file formats
  • Data can be restored from crashed hard drive or unbootable disk
  • Capable of recovering lost partition from SSD and other types of HDD
  • Works easily with all external storage drives like hard drives (IDE, SCSI apart from SATA), USB drives, flash memory card, SD cards, etc
  • Works on read only mode

Simple Steps to Get Back Data from SATA Drive:

Step 1: Download the Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) and install it on your PC   
Step 2: Double click on the desktop icon to get the main screen choose “Recover Partitions”, choose the drive for recovery and click Scan as shown in Figure 1
Step 3: Software scans the drive and gives you a list of files recovered, you can view each one using “Preview” optionFigure 2
Step 4: Save the required ones at any location of your choice Figure 3and ignore the rest

Some other error messages you may encounter in SATA drives:

  • (Drive name)\is not accessible
  • You don’t have permission to access this folder
  • A hard drive error occurred while starting the application
  • An unknown error occurred

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