How to Find Scanpst.exe Location in Outlook 2016?

The location of Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe is different for each version of Outlook. This page helps you locate scanpst.exe in Outlook 2016. If you still find difficulty in locating scanpst.exe, then just download Remo Repair PST tool, which automatically finds the location and fixes the issues with your PST file.

Microsoft Outlook is normally used to manage multiple email accounts in a single space. It is popularly known for seamless integration of emails, contacts, calendars and reminders. All data, emails and folders in Outlook is stored in the form of a PST file.

Often times, your PST file may become corrupt due to abrupt system shutdown or sudden Outlook termination. When your PST files are corrupted, Outlook emails and folders cannot be accessed. And in some other cases, file corruption may cause Outlook to freeze or crash.

To repair the corrupted PST file, Microsoft provides an inbuilt repair tool called Scanpst.exe. It is also known as Inbox Repair tool and is usually installed with Outlook.

In order to use Scanpst tool in Outlook, you need to find the location of Scanpst.exe, which varies for different Outlook versions. Listed below is the Scanpst location for Outlook 2016.

Outlook 2016 Scanpst.exe location

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16

Outlook 2016 Scanpst.exe location Click-To-Run

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\office16

If you are using earlier version of Outlook, then where is the location of Scanpst?. Also, if you cannot find Scanpst.exe using manual method above, type in Scanpst.exe in the search bar and this will help you find it.

Note: You will have to manually find the location of the PST file to repair. If you do not know the location of the PST file, here’s a tip for you to find it. On your Outlook page, select File > Account settings > Account settings, and then choose the second tab; data files. All your PST files along with its location will be listed. This way, you can find the location of the file you wish to repair.

Once you have located Scanpst.exe and your PST file, you can follow the steps to run the tool.

Steps to run Scanpst.exe

  • Double click on Scanpst.exe and run the application
  • Select the corrupted PST file
  • Then click on repair

This will repair your corrupted PST file. However, if the file cannot be repaired manually using Scanpst, the severity of corruption is probably high. In such cases, you need a professional tool like Remo Repair to repair your corrupt PST file.

About Remo Repair PST

Remo Repair is designed to repair your corrupt/damaged PST files. The software can also recover deleted Outlook folders and emails. Attachments and attributes (CC, To, Sub) are also recovered using the software. Compressed, oversized & password protected PST files can also be fixed. The main advantage of using Remo Repair is that it uses read only feature, meaning it reads your corrupt file, extracts contents, fixes the errors and creates healthy files. Thus, your original file is not disturbed.

A special feature of this software is that it provides a preview option in Outlook format and prepares the fixed PST in 2003 – 2013 formats for ease of use.

Steps to repair PST file using Remo Repair Outlook software

  • Download and install the demo version of Remo Repair Outlook application on your system
  • Run the application and you see 3 options on the main screen –
  • • Open Default PST file – the tool selects default location of your file
  • • Select PST file manually – Choose this option if you know the location of the file
  • • Find all your PST files – Lists all the PST files and you can select the file you want to repair.
  • Once the file is chosen, select scan depending on the data loss scenario. (Normal Scan – for deleted/lost emails and Smart Scan – if emails/data were not shown in normal scan)
  • Select a location to save your repaired file and click repair
  • Once scanning is complete, you can check the destination folder for the repaired file

Note: In demo version of this tool, you can preview the repaired PST file. But, to save the repaired PST file, you need to activate the complete version of the software.

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