Recover Data From SD card on Mac [Updated 2020]

Updated on February 13, 2020

Remo Mac Data Recovery is an elobarate data recovery tool developed to restore data from complex data loss scenarios. By integrating preview window Remo gives user feasibility of verifying the recovered data even before purchasing. So with out any further due download now and try it for free.

SD cards are the most convenient storage drives available today. They are compact, super fast and most importantly they are compatible with almost all the devices. On the flip side, SD cards constantly run into issues such as accidental formatting, corruptions or accidental deletion. As a result data loss is very prevalent in SD cards. Fortunately, this article will keep you informed on how to recover SD cards on a Mac computer.

How Can I Recover Deleted Files from Mac SD card

Accidentally deleting is still the one of the major reasons for data loss on Mac SD cards. Following are a few of the common scenarios resulting in Data loss on Mac SD card.

  • Accidentally formatting
  • Corrupted or Inaccessible Mac SD card
  • Ejecting the SD card while data transfer is still processing

How is it possible to recover the data or photos even after deleting from a Mac SD card? Firstly, every SD card has an index containing all the information about the SD card contents. When you connect the SD card to the computer, Mac OS will access the index and let users access and interact with the files existing on the Mac SD card.

So, when you delete a file, it will not be erased instead, it is marked as deleted in the index. Once marked as deleted the OS disregards the contents in the storage space and overwrites it with new data. In the same way, when you format a Mac SD card, the existing index will be replaced with a new index. Since, the new index will not be having information of old existing files, the data is no longer accessible.

In such scenarios, the only way to retrieve formatted or delete data from a Mac SD card is through an efficient Mac SD card recovery software. Remo Mac Data recovery software is a comprehensive tool developed to recover data from most complicated data loss situations. Remo Recover’s scan algorithms are programmed to scrutinize and scavenge every individual storage sector. So that any user can recover data even from corrupted or inaccessible Mac SD cards.

How to Recover Files from the Mac SD card

Selecting the Mac SD card

Connect the SD card to Mac and launch the Remo Mac Data Recovery software. From the home screen select Recover Volumes/ Drives option. From the next screen select Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery option. From the drives displayed select the SD card and click on next.Main screen of the Mac sd card recovery software

Scanning the Mac SD card

Remo will provide you the option of selecting file types you want to recover. If you are not specific and want to recover the entire data click on mark all option and click on Next to initiate scan process. Now all you gotta do is wait for the scan process to complete.selecting file types

Save the Recovered Data From Mac SD Card.

After scanning the entire SD card, Remo will display the entire recovered data in the recovery window. You can also open the recovered files using Preview option and verify the recovered data. Once you verify the recovered data, select the files you want to save by browsing the desired location and click on recoverd from mac sd card

Integral Features of Remo Mac Data Recovery Software

Recover Photos Options

Practically SD cards are the only storage devices used on cameras to store photos. Hence, Remo Mac Data Recovery software is developed with an option entirely dedicated to recover photos from Mac SD cards. The tool’s scan engine can detect over 300 media formats. So, users can recover raw camera photos formats such as CR2 (Canon), NEF (Nikon) and SR2 (Sony), etc.

Advanced Scan Option

Under some serious data loss scenarios such as damaged or broken master boot record, a simple scan process might not be able to recover the data. To tackle even such severest of the severe data loss situations, Remo’s advanced scan option will scan for data signatures in the deepest storage sectors and ensures that data is retrieved.


SD cards might be convenient to use but they are also quite fragile and easily susceptible to data loss. One wrong click is all it takes for a disaster to happen on your Mac SD card. Fortunately with the help of Remo Mac Data recovery software, you can gain complete control over the situation and recover formatted or deleted files from the Mac SD card. Designed with a simple self explanatory user interface will assist you to recover data. Advanced Scan option ensures users to recover data from formatted or even corrupted mac SD cards. Additionally Remo provides free of cost updates to keep supporting all the latest Mac OS such as Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.Why am I receiving “Card not formatted” error?

A.This error is frequent in cameras. Every model of camera has its own unique way of saving the files on the SD card. If by any means that file structure is altered the camera will try to correct it by formatting the SD card on camera. However, if you ever accidentally click on ok and formatted the Mac SD card, you can recover photos from a formatted Mac SD card with the help of Remo Mac data recovery software.

Q.Will I be able to recover the APFS formatted SD card?

A.Yes, you can recover data from APFS, HFS, HFS+ formatted SD cards with the help of Remo Recover. In addition Remo also supports recovering NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT formatted SD cards on a Mac.

Q.Is it possible to recover SD card on OSX using Remo SD card recovery software?

A.Remo Mac SD card recovery software might be Catalina ready but you still use it to recover SD cards on OSX.

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